The Raid : Dorian in Custody Part 2

The captive grinned. “Yah mean Ah could say ‘no’?” He chuckled, “Ah’m just funnin’...Ah made a livin’ as a circuit dentist. Traveled tha ‘verse on one boat or anothah offerin’ mah specialty tah those as needed it. At tha time, Ah had recently returned from a run tah tha outah rim. Persephone’s a decent place tah resupply an’ book mah next passage.”

“Are those the services you were hired to provide for the Lunar Veil?” He asked, making a few notes on a pad he retrieved from the thick file.

“Tah begin with.”

“And what other services did you provide within your time there?”

Adler replied, “ovah time, mah services came tah include full medical support fah tha crew, passengahs, an’ tha locals at some planets we visited.”

“So would you say you had a good rapport with the crew, providing medical support for them?” He looked over his pad to watch the doctor as he answered.

Dorian tilted his head. “Answerin’ that would be tah imply some form of clairvoyance. Ah’ll say instead that which Ah know. Ah took care of tha crew. Ah patched ‘em up, talked ‘em down occasionally, and kept them healthy. How they felt about me isn’t somethin’ Ah could evah be certain of.”

“It’s a simple question, Doctor, were you friendly or on good terms with any specific crew members?

“Was Ah friendly?” the medic parroted the question. “Yes. Was Ah on good terms with tha crew? Ah like tah think so...but then again, that’s speculation. Ah don’t think yah dragged me down here in tha middle of tha night tah play guessin' games...did yah?”

Hardy pursed his lips together nodding, making another note before continuing. “I can be more specific. What is your relationship with say…. “ he thumbed through his photos, selecting one and putting it in front of the doctor, a photo of Vas Jat taken recently. “This gentleman?”

Dorian’s eyes clouded. “Vas Jat is mah friend.”

“And what’s the nature of your friendship, to the best of your knowledge?” He scratched another note as he waited for a reply.

“Complicated, of late.”

Hardy made a note. “Why is that?” he asked.

“As his physician, Ah decline tah answah that.”

Hardy scribbled another note. “You don’t have that luxury, we’re not discussing Mr. Jat’s molars or incisors, I’m asking about your friendship, your personal relationship.”

“Ah beg tah diffah,” Adler’s eye met the gaze of his inquisitor. “Ah am also Mitah Jat’s medical doctah, an’ this could be a violation of doctah-patient privilege.”

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