The Raid : Dorian in Custody Part 3

“So then you have a strictly professional relationship with Mister Jat or,” he scribbled another note, “is he as you previously stated your friend? I’ll also remind you that on a federal level, doctor-patient confidentiality ceases to exist when it comes to criminal investigations. So I’ll ask you again about your relationship with Mister Jat.”

“And of course,” Dorian nodded, “yah’ll kindly present tha statute yah claimin’?” He tried to lean back in the chair, but his bindings wouldn’t permit such a comfort. “Allow me tah repeat mahself. Vas Jat is mah friend. He is also mah patient. Ah decline tah answah questions that may pertain tah his medical well bein’.”

Hardy stared at the doctor momentarily, before making another note, certain to emphasize underlining a particular segment. “Moving on….” He retrieved another photo from the file, sliding in front of the doctor. Slightly younger, but wearing a dress uniform, “And how would you describe your relationship with say, Lieutenant Riley Thorne?”

Doc lifted the photo, smiling as he admired the slightly younger Riley. “Ah have quite tha crush on tha Lieutenant….don’t tell her,” he chuckled as he laid the picture down. “Bettah yet, do tell her.”

Hardy marked that down as well. “Please answer the question. Describe your relationship with Lieutenant Riley Thorne?”

Dorian shrugged. “Ah like tah think we’re close.”

“Can you elaborate?” He asked, scribbling a brief note, holding his pen to paper.

it would’ve been nice to cross my arms, Adler thought to himself. “Ah can….but Ah won’t.”

Hardy nodded again, finishing his note. “Is there a reason why, Doctor?”

Dorian’s brow furrowed, his face adopting an overtly serious cast. “Oh, tha best one of all,” he responded. “That’s none of yah damned business.” He leaned forward. Yah mentioned a criminal investigation. Ah’m just speculation’ here yet again, but perhaps we’d both find resolution if yah’d kindly get tah tha point?”

Paul Hardy flipped to a new page in his notebook. “For someone who claims to be close with Lieutenant Thorne and friendly with Mr. Jat, you don’t seem terribly concerned that they’re about to go away for several years, one of them including a full court martial for federal crimes, but we can move on.” He flipped through a few more photographs in the file. “How about …” He placed a photograph of Marisol Chavez on the table. “Ms. Marisol Chavez?”

“Mah very best friend,” Adler replied directly. “What are tha charges against tha Lieutenant an’ Mistah Vas?”

Another note was copied. “And how long would you say you and Ms. Chavez have been very best friends?” The major took a brief sip from his now cool cup of coffee.

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