The Raid : Dorian in Custody Part 5

Doc folded his hands; the cold of the room was soaking into his fingers. “Ah’d sustained injuries that threatened mah right eye,” he answered. “Tha surgeons at VCM made repairs.”

“And where did you sustain the injuries, Doctor?”


“From your time on Ezra,” Major Hardy continued, “do you recognize this person?” He set a picture of Lara Walker in front of the doctor.

“Ah do,” the medic nodded once.

This also was notated. “Can you elaborate on this?”

“She’s local law enforcement in tha town,” he offered.

“Did you have any dealings with Officer Lara Walker?”

Dorian appeared thoughtful for a moment. “Yes,” he answered presently. “Aftah Ah’d sustained mah injuries, she gave me a lift back tah Lunah Veil in her cruisah.”

“And how did you acquire your injuries?” Hardy asked, writing this down.

“Blunt force trauma.”

“Sounds like nasty business. Please, elaborate?” He asked with another note.

Dorian smiled. “Ezra is a...colorful place. Yah walk tha wrong street at night, yah meet some of tha most interestin’ people.”

“That’s interesting,” he said, checking prior notes. “According to Officer Walker’s report, this incident took place during the day.” Major Hardy finished the last of his coffee before writing the latest information. “Did you walk down the wrong street at night, or during the day?”

The hostage shrugged. “Ah’ll take her word fah it. Ah had suffahed a head wound, aftah all.”

“And did Officer Walker escort you back alone?” He waited for Dorian’s response before writing.

“Yes she did.”

Major Hardy cocked his head, raising his eyebrow, scribbling some information before he returned the report to the folder.

“So Officer Walker was working without her partner, on Ezra, such a … colorful place?” He asked.

“It was just tha two of us in tha cruisah,” Dorian lifted his chin. “Ah do remembah that.”

“Hmm,” he said with a nod, writing this down. “Interesting. And where was Mr. Jat during this?”

“Ah couldn’t say,” Adler replied. “Nevah saw him ‘til Ah was back on board.”

“And from Ezra, you were taken to Valentine. Did you receive any medical attention en route to Valentine?”

“Of course,” Adler nodded.

“Is there a second doctor aboard the ship?” Major Hardy scribbled.

“There is now,” he offered a fond smile. “But then, no. Sistah Lyen Giu stepped in tah help.”

“With no training, Sister Lyen Giu was able to help stabilize your blunt force trama as well as … “ he flipped back on his notes, “the injuries that threatened your right eye?” He flipped back to a fresh page, poised to note the answer.

“Ah’m certain yah’ve got tha captcha on file,” Dorian said. ‘If not, ask yah docatah. He’ll know exactly what yah talkin’ about.”

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