The Raid : Dorian in Custody Part 6

Was this the lead in….” He thumbed through the file again, “to the Bush Doctor program you and Dr. Carolyn Lao established on Valentine?”

“Yes,” Dorian offered a curt nod. ‘That’s correct.”

“And Dr. Carolyn Lao provided the equipment that is now currently on the Lunar Veil?”

“She did.”

Two more notes were scribbled. “Who was in charge of the equipment, Doctor?”

“Ah don’t undahstand tha question,” the doc shook his head. “In charge, how?”

“I’ll rephrase. Who was responsible for the equipment?”

Adler lifted a hand, til the secured cuff halted the gesture. “Ah suppose that would be mahself.”

Pen was put to paper. “And did you install the equipment yourself?” He asked.


“Who installed the equipment?” Major Hardy requested, as his notebook page was flipped.

“Marisol installed it at mah request,” Dorian replied.

“I see,” he replied, scribbling his note. “And did Lieutenant Thorne have access to this equipment?”

“She did not.”

“It was my understanding she was in command, or… second in command, why would she not have access to equipment on her own ship?” Notes were hastily scribbled.

Adler smirked. “Fah tha same reason Ah don’t have access tah tha engine or tha flight controls,” he retorted. “Not mah specialty.”

“What about Keller? Did he have access?” He asked, eyebrows raised as he wrote this latest bit of information.

“Captain Keller did not have access tah tha medical equipment in question.”

“I find it difficult to believe that the two people in charge of the ship had limited access to their own ship,” he replied, with a nod of his head, as this new information was added. “Do you wish to amend your statement regarding this?”

Adler laughed. “Of course Ah do! Here we sit, on this enormous, highly technical marvel of Alliance powah, and yah tellin’ me that yah have tah write all of this down? Ah find it difficult tah believe that yah don’t have access tah recordahs.”

“To the best of your knowledge, do you know if Lieutenant Thorne or Captain Keller have had any dealing with known browncoats, or engaged in activity of such during your time on the ship?” He scribbled more notes.

Dorian shook his head. “ An’ Riley? Tha girl still wears that purple beret. She’s so Alliance Ah fear she’ll bleed purple.”

“Traitors are often where you least expect them, doctor. I think we’re done here for now.” He closed his notepad and collected his folder, throwing his empty cup in the trash as he got up to leave.

Adler piped up. “Is this tha part where Ah’m shown tah mah luxurious accommodations? How late is ‘Room Service’ open on this boat?”

The Major turned back from the doorway. “No, this is the part where I tell you that we will be charging your crewmates with espionage, treason and murder. Thank you for your time, Doctor. I’ll make sure Coates gets you that coffee.” He turned to the officer guarding the door “Coffee, black, hot.” he growled as he jammed a thumb towards Adler and left.

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