The Raid: Marisol in Custody Part 2

“Uh…..yes?” Marisol replied cautiously.

“Can we please some longer cuffs? And for the love of Pete some coffee please! Hun you want some too? How you take it? Milk and sugah?” Jody asked.

“That’ll be nice….thank you,” the mechanic eyed the somewhat outlandish display quizzically.

“I swear my day can’t start without it …” Jody said tsking as the requests were filled. A cup of steaming coffee with creamer and sugar packets were put on the table. Marisol’s cuffs were exchanged with more comfortable ones that let her sit properly in her chair.

“... Okay so … for the record … Oh wait wait wait …” She dug into her bag and pulled out files and a colorful notepad. “ … okay … for the record can you go ahead and state your name?” Jody asked as she fixed a cup for herself.

“Alright,” the Spanic accepted the coffee, which was….good! “Chavez,” she began, “Marisol Restrepo. Certified Journeyman Mechanic, Alliance Maritime Registry number seven-seven-two-three-nine-five-Z.” She took another sip of the invigorating brew. “And thanks,” she gestured toward her newfound confinement.

“Oh my that is a mouthful! Okay then … so just to get some facts straight okay? Coffee’s good ain’t it? I’m just saying before they just let it burn all-day and think that sludge is good enough for human consumption I mean is it so hard to just … Sorry sorry … going off on a tangent ...Facts ... right!” Jody said flipping open a file and sifting through it noisily before withdrawing a paper. “Okay … annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you work currently on the Lunar Veil right?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Marisol nodded as she sipped coffee. “Sorry….that’s correct. Lunar Veil.”

She nodded. “Okay and you ‘member how long you been working that ship?”

The mechanic searched her memory. “Three….four months? Something like that,” she offered.

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