The Raid: Marisol in Custody Part 3

She noted noting in her pad but the pen ran dry. Jody shook it and scribbled before she got the ink to flow again. “Okay good, good, and howja get hired?” She asked

“The boat’s captain,” the diminutive woman cradled the cup in both hands. “He offered me the job.”

Jody made a note. “Okie dokie … now … That would Captain Keller right?” Jody pulled out yet another folder sifting through a pull out a photo of Keller. It was color, a few years back, sans the cowboy hat. “Can you confirm this is Captain Keller? The man that hired you hun?” She asked with a smile sliding the photo to Marisol.

“That’s the captain,” Marisol glanced at the photo.

“Thank you! What planet did he hire you on?” She asked putting the photo away.


“And you were on Valentine because …” Jody asked with a vague wave of the hand requesting the Spanish women to fill in the blank.

“Where my last boat dropped me,” Marisol replied. “Captain paid out the crew and the bank foreclosed. I was looking for work,” she continued, “then I heard my friend Dorian was on planet, in the hospital.” She eased against the chair back, sipping the coffee.

“Oh my, how tragic!” She tsked with sincerity. “Losing his ship like that! Marooning you high and dry! Well … silver lining … that you just happened to be stranded on the same planet as your friend in his time of need. You said his name is Dorian right?” She asked sifting through her folders again.

The mechanic offered a slow nod. “Correct.”

Jody nodded rapidly, pleased. “If could just confirm that this is the man you’re talkin’ ‘bout …” She said sliding a color photo of Dorian. “ … and that his full name is Doctor Dorian Adlah? Adler? Ad … Adler.”

“Dorian L. Adler,” Marisol nodded. “Doctor.”

“Oh he’s got a middle name! You by chance know what that is? I am just AWFUL as guessing names!” Jody chuckled.

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