The Raid: Riley in Custody Part 1

The door opened and women with dark hair and military colors walked with a hefty folder. She was clearly not like the others. She was Navy and the gold star and bars made her a Major. The women sat across Riley with the rigidity that matched her own. “Lieutenant Thorne. I am Major Montoya. I was called in to review the situation.” She said her hands folded across the unopened folder.

The Major was not of the civilian variety in which the others might be treated. Riley was, after all, still active duty and as such she received a Military Investigator. “For the record please state your name and rank.”

“Thorne, Riley A, Lieutenant First Class,” Riley answered with military precision.

“What is your function on …” Montoya quickly flashed to her notes. “ … the Lunar Veil?”

“I pilot the ship, handle logistics, and the ship is registered in my name.” The lieutenant replied, keeping her eyes straight ahead, her back straight as a steel rod.

“Are you also responsible for the hiring of crew?” The major asked the start glide of the prn on her notepad just as crisp as her uniform.

“Yes, ma’am.” Riley replied, wondering which of the hired hands it was this time, and what they did.

“So you hired every member of the crew on the Lunar Veil correct?” Major Montoya asked impassively.

“No, ma’am.” She replied. “Some were hired by the ship’s acting Captain, who shares the authority.”

The Major slid a photo sheet that had the entire listed crew on the page in a grid. “Please identify the Captain, and for the record please state which of the crew was hired by you and which were hired by the Captain.”

“Captain Colton Keller. Current crew, he hired Doctor Dorian Adler, the mechanic Marisol Chavez, the deckhand, Serena Edwards, but there have been others in the past long gone.”

The Major made a note. “The remainder of the crew … “The Major check off names.” … were hired by you?”

“Yes ma’am.” Riley replied curtly, trying to keep the knot in her stomach from getting the better of her.

“You mentioned ‘shares the authority’ do you run the ship together or is there a clear chain of command?” The Major said look up from her notes to Riley.

“I run the ship. Captain Keller acts as commander, for the most part, Major,” she kept her eyes fixed ahead, but she had a feeling, a bad feeling. And it kept getting worse.

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