The Raid: Riley in Custody Part 5

The Major made another note circling something on her notepad. “Can you identify this woman here.” The Major asked pointing to the photo of Yeva on the grid.

“Yeva Schnabel,” Riley replied. “Passenger. We picked her and her deceased husband Micah up on Valentine to be deposited on New Kasmir.”

“Can you provide the permits for moving a body across the system?” The Major asked drawing an underline on a notation.

“No ma’am.”

The major paused for a moment, shook her head and continued. “You are aware you are required to possess permits for the transport of the deceased?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Yet you made an exception for Ms. Schabel because …”

“Because the funeral home offered a substantial amount for the transport.” Riley admitted.

“They bribed you?” The Major said, seeking clarification.

“They -- “ Riley quickly analyzed how every possible rational would sound, “Yes, ma’am.” She relented.

“I see.” The Major simply said make a note. “Your passenger, Yeva Schabel, what was her relationship like with your crew?”

“From what I understand, friendly. She decided to pay for passage after her husband was buried. Studied with the doctor for medic exams. I understand she had relations with both Leo Bennet and Captain Keller.”

“That sounds more than friendly Lieutenant. You didn’t find it questionable that a woman in mourning was studying to become a doctor, carrying on multiple relationships was, one being the captain … odd?” The Major asked.

“I find everyone on the ship odd.” Riley replied. “She was a passenger, I don’t make their business my business.”

“Even when it puts you, your crew and even your ship at risk?” The Major said looking straight at Riley.

“How so, major?” Riley asked, regretting the question the second escaped her lips. It was bad -- she needed to know just how bad it was.

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