The Raid: Riley in Custody Part 6

“That fact I have to explain speaks volumes. Let's start with transporting a body across the system illegally. The point of the permit is not just proof of to allow you to move the body but also that it had been carefully examined to be moved in the first place. Without it you have no way of knowing if the body is contaminated with a disease that could spread unchecked among your crew and the town the body is received from. You also have no way of knowing if the body is being used to transport illegal goods. Or one recent case the corpse was stuffed with unstable explosives that detonated mid transport killing all the passengers and crew. Did none of those scenarios cross your mind before accepting a bribe?” The major explained putting her pen down for a moment.

“Considering Ms. Schnabel was accompanying the body… no ma’am. I admit I dismissed the concerns.”

“So the possibility that Ms. Schnabel was protecting some kind illegal goods was not a possibility?” The Major asked, picking up her pen.

“I cannot say it was an impossibility..” Riley replied, shifting her jaw.

“Did you not find it odd that during the course of your travel from Valentine to New Kashmir. Your Captain hired a new Mechanic who happened to be close friends with your Doctor though neither disclosed that until there sexual encounter was played on the PA system. Of which only then their close friendship was revealed, you were assured it was just a farce. Yet in spite of that you admit to still pursuing a relationship with said Doctor. You also at the same were bribed to illegally transport a body across the system. Lastly on New Kasmier when the mechanic and Doctor decided to quit because they did not get along with your Crew Chief you decided to give the mechanic special treatment to retain her and the Doctor. Yet none of this struck you as out of the normal or did you ‘not make their business your business’?” The major asked writing notes down before looking at the Lieutenant for an answer.

“I have no excuse, Major.” Riley replied, falling back on her gorram academy training. When you find yourself in a hole? Best thing you can do is put down the shovel.

“I see. A last few questions Lieutenant.” The Major said flipping to a new page. “During the Mechanics stay on your ship do you recall any communication between her and her family?”

Riley thought for a moment. Truth be told she could probably count the conversations they’d had on one hand., but there was no mention of family. “No, ma’am.”

“Was there any communication or mention, that you know of, between Doctor Dorian Adler and his current wife Maria Chavez-Adler?” The Major asked, writing down her notes.

Riley started to respond and stopped dead in her tracks. In light of all the charges, the fact that Adler was married paled and yet still managed to cut to the bone. “No ma’am,” she replied, keeping her tone even, her jaw squared. “There was no communication with his wife that I was aware of.”

“Thank you for your cooperation. Please put your thumbprint here …” The Major said sliding a data pad to Riley. “... to certify your statements today were accurate and true to the best of your abilities.”

Keeping her eyes fixed forward, Riley glanced down for the briefest of seconds to add her thumbprint to the cortex.

This. This is why Keller drinks.

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