The Raid: Results and Summaries

Giving the length of this arc we honestly don’t expect everyone to read EVERYTHING so here is a quick summary that captures what transpired

The crew of the Lunar Veil faced intense interrogation from Alliance officers who had been watching and tracking the crew’s activity for some time. All their actions have been carefully scrutinized as well at their relationships to each other.

The Alliance now knows REDACTED so you can be sure REDACTED and REDACTED.

These are the real interrogation vids from the Crew of the Lunar Veil.

Lawrence, Drake, and Yasmina:
Offering little information to their investigation. No charges were filed. Elle comes back with cake and Serena a bag of candy and sweet Chinese rice cakes.

All of the above: Please feel free to write up your release and return to the ship.

Gill and Haddie:
Thanks to Lyen’s testimony, the Alliance is now aware of their location, though they have not made a move to apprehend.

Please feel free to write up what you’ve been up to during the raid and after the alliance has left

Facing charges of Treason, Aiding and Abetting, Smuggling, Criminal Negligence, Conspiracy to Transport Illegal Goods and Fraud, and Conduct Unbecoming … Riley is looking down the barrel of possibly losing her commission, dishonorable discharge and a Court Martial. The only thing in her favor is her honesty.

Riley had every mistake shoved in her face and she dug a pretty deep hole for herself. It was an unflattering reflection and one hell of a reality check for the stiff Alliance pilot. Things looked really grim and she had no one to blame but herself.

Due to the nature of the ongoing investigation, the details of the plea deal have been sealed and labeled Top Security

MK will feel free to write what she wants!

Facing charges of Lying to an Officer of the Law. Lyen’s testimony which conflicted with everyone else’s was the only one who revealed that Gill and Haddie were currently on the ship but not roped in with the crew. She is told she was looking at 8 years for impeding justice and failure to cooperate.

In a turn of events, Lyen is given a massive citation instead, however she can’t pay for right now. Her small stipend provided by the temple pays for her room and food on the ship with a little bit of pocket money left over that she saved and recently spent as gifts to Marisol. The monks are now in a full-blown panic seeing how far their sister has fallen from the path. Lyen is now in hot water with the Order and is at risk of being excommunicated. The next stop at Greenleaf she is expected to submit herself and explain her actions to the head nun and monk.

Please feel free Lyen’s reactions in returning to the ship. Welcome to Debtville. If you need help working this in with an ongoing storyline, the mods have ideas! Please see them!

Facing Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder. Vas feeling he had nothing to hide and not know what the hell was going on was relatively open and honest and played dumb regarding the Ezra incident. Luckily his story did match up with Dorians. However the threat of charges is still very real and regardless if he actually did something or not, that’s really for the courts in Ezra to decide! Either way, the charges are shaky and for some reason dropped.

Frankie will feel free to write what she wants too!

Marisol is returned to the ship with the rest of the crew. No charges were filed. Marisol has no means of contacting her family. Maria cannot be reached either as she has gone dark. As a reminder, Marisol no longer has access to her joint account so she only has her last pay. All purchases needed for the ship must now be cleared in advance and only the most critical parts for the operation of the ship.

Because Marisol one of two independent contractors on the ship with a unique pay scale, Riley is looking to renegotiate her terms. She gets regular crew pay and will be put back under the purview of the Crew Chief who you will report to and be assigned crew duties in addition to her work in the Engine Room.

Feel free to write your thoughts on being returned to the ship, and any speculations you may have.

Dorian is returned to the ship with the rest of the crew. No charges were filed. Dorian’s assets, however, are frozen without explanation. He only has what's in his pockets (as a reminder it has been heavily established Dorian relies more on his bank account than stuffing his mattress full of money). The Alliance will notify him that he has been removed from the Bush Doctor program in light of an on-going investigation so that the service may still be used to provide equipment and care for those in need. His lawyer is currently looking at being disbarred and is not taking calls. In addition due to the lack of ship funds the medicine we do have right now is decently stocked but it is unlikely we'll be able to purchase more down the road, use what we have with care, we can only make purchases when absolutely necessary. It may even be needed to sell some of it to make up for the shortfall. Clear all purchases and sales in advance with Riley.

Because Dorian is one of two independent contractors on the ship with a unique pay scale, Riley is looking to renegotiate his terms. In addition to taking clients when planetside while sailing in the black you will report to the Crew Chief for crew duties to be assigned to you.

Feel free to write his return to the ship and any speculations he may have

Captain Colten Keller:
Due to the nature of the ongoing investigation, the details of the plea deal and subsequent interrogation have been sealed and labeled Top Security.

The Lunar Veil:

The ship has been ransacked. Rooms were turned inside out, Keller’s room though made out the best and if anything ended up cleaner and neater. Half the shipment of bourbon is gone, the equipment to be taken to Highgate broken. Fortunately, the seaweed is wholly intact.

Riley has been named Captain. Keller has not returned with the crew. No explanation has yet been given.

The med bay is essentially gutted. The medicine and supplies are there but all the equipment has been taken, except for the fancy patient bed and the Denta-Kiln-Twenty-Five-Hundred. All the old equipment in storage will have to be reinstalled. All medications and remaining equipment had been signed over to the owner of the Lunar Veil.

The Ship has received a number of hefty citations, combined with the loss and damage of cargo the ship is now in deep debt. We are running hand to mouth in order to pay back everything. That means some drastic changes are going to take place very quickly.

Meals on the ship have been pretty fancy, by spacer standards, so that has ended. As of now only paying passengers are afforded normal meals, stretched along with protein paste. The bulk of crew meals are now prepared protein paste meals with the occasional rice, fruit, or veggie side when available. Meat is expensive so that has become a very rare treat. In addition, since we have a chef (he’s a cook!) no one is allowed to use the kitchen except the chef (cook!) as the cost of food is his strict responsibility. Tea and drinks are always available of course. Should a crew member or passenger require the use of the kitchen they must provide their own foodstuff since we deal with so many passengers to account for. Please note you are being fed properly, not starved in any way shape, or form. No one gets scurvy on our watch! Meals are bland (It’s the cheapest!) but filling, the pastes and powders are designed to provide all of your nutrients in a cheap, sustainable form, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, it’s full scale replacement. If you choose, you can spend your pay on anything you want to doctor it up.

Crew pay will also reflect this. With the heavy debt, the crew pay will fluctuate wildly. Drake and Vas have volunteered to take a substantial pay cut to help pay the debt off sooner.

Any Questions?


Suggested Plots

It’s a short hop (A day) to Greenleaf from here so there isn’t going to be a lot of down time till we get there.

Lyen - The monks and nuns on the ship are worried (that's an understatement) so you haven't spoken to Marisol yet in fact the monks and nuns are dominating your time seeking an explanation and filling your time with prayer. (Let Winters and MK know when you're free so we can RP this out! If you don’t get around to it it will be assumed Lyen suffers in silence.)

Marisol and Dorian - Riley wants to speak with both of you asap (Dan contact MK when your free since this is a hop if you don’t get around to it it’s assumed your toons agree to the deal)

Roose, Lawrence, Serena, Elle, Gill, Haddie - It’s business as usual for you guys. (I have Lemon Drops!)

Vas, Drake, Riley - Talk about how deep in the dept the ship is Vas and Drake opt for a pay cut. (This is a nice to do, not a need to do!)

Speculate what you will, but remember the mods have things set, just because your character deduces something does not make it true! Who’s up for some dissension???

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