After the Raid : The Warpath

The sun was already setting by the time they got back, meaning they had lost the whole day. Vas could only give a sigh of irritation at the state his cargo bay was in. There was no telling how the rest of the ship was.

First thing first. "Serena, Elle room checks, make sure all is square and get the passengers settled. Drake prep for flight just in case Keller and Riley want us out asap. If you have time after help me and Roose neaten up the galley and lounge for the passengers. When we're done I'm going to need help neatening and taking inventory of … all this." He said motioning to the cargo bay. "Where the hell are the tiny terrors?"

"Didn't see them, I'll get the fight check squared." Drake said walking to the bridge.

“We’ll take care of it, Crew Chief,” Serena promised, darting off towards the back of the ship.

Vas waited in the cargo bay to help guide the stream of passengers to the lower lounge. He tried not to quirk and eyebrow seeing Lyen surrounded by Monks and Nuns. She hadn't really said much to them during their trip so this was an odd turn.

“Jat!” Riley barked, stepping foot onto the ship, keeping her eyes fixed. The Alliance did a number on her all right, but it was nothing that they couldn’t fix up, and come hell or high water it would be done, sooner rather than later.

"Lieutenant." Vas said stiffening up. He had no idea what each crew member had been through or even why they had been so decisively detained. What it was Riley seemed … more military than usual. Though he could be reading into it. He gave her a quick run down and they Gill and Haddie hadn't shown back up yet. They haven't gotten a chance looked for them yet but that could commence after the passengers got settled.

“Until further notice, I want no one in the cargo bay except yourself. No crew, no passengers, No one, is this clear?” She snapped.

"Yes Lieutenant!" Vas complied though he had a backlog of questions he doubted he would get answers for. Besides if she thought he needed to know she would.

“Repeat it back to me.” She told him, wanting to make sure the instructions were clear and understood.

"Until further notice no one except the Crew Chief is allowed in the cargo bay. No crew, no passengers, no one." Vas repeated. That would mean he would have to lock access.

“If you see anyone in or trying to get into the cargo bay, you let me know immediately. Are we clear on that? Do I need to define immediately?”

"We are clear." Vas answered. "No Lieutenant! Will you be speaking to Yazmina directly?" He asked.

“Tell her to pack a bag. She can stay in a suite until we reach Greenleaf. If she has shit to do on Greenleaf, I’ll escort her to her shuttle when we break atmo.” The lieutenant curtly replied.

"I will take care of it." Vas assured waiting for dismissal or further orders.

“Then get on it.” The Lieutenant growled. “If you see Adler and Chavez I’ll need them on the bridge ASAP. And if I see anyone I’m paying standing around doing nothing until this ship is back in order --” She let the last threat hang.

"Yes Lieutenant." Vas nodded trotting off. "I swear to to God if you two are in the damn boxes again …" Vas shouted. They would show up … they probably fell asleep. Either way he had orders to relay!

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