Old Friends : New Orders (Preflight)

Drake padded back up to the bridge when Vas said it was his turn. Not shocking given what just happened. Everything was a mess and Vas had the deck hands running everywhere at a trot between getting things to back to rights and tending to the passengers.

Drake, all too familiar with how this worked as he closed the cockpit door behind him. “Lieutenant.” He said at attention. Sure it was a bit formal but she liked formal and she looked … well … this was why they were friends. He was here for whatever she needed, someone to yell at? Check! Someone to get her to laugh? Check! Someone to keep it real? Check! Or just someone she was okay with when she just needed to let it out. Check?

Though now that he thought about it she was probably just going to have him start the fight checks now … thankfully Drake agreed with his inner monologue that he had a rather high opinion of himself!

Riley leaned against the hull, crossing her arms, taking a moment to stare at the ceiling, letting out the breath she was holding. “So here’s the part where you tell me your life was boring anyway and you appreciate me bringing you into this shit storm.” She told him without making eye contact.

Drake relaxed. “Life was boring anyway and I appreciate me bringing me into this shit storm.” He said as if it were his own idea. “What life in the black is supposed to be all strawberries and cream?”

“It’s… bad, Valari.” She said with a short, ironic laugh and a shake of her head.

“We got stormed by Alliance swat … and … Keller ain’t storming in to blame it on me. We passed a shit storm and skipped right to diarrheaic typhoon. It looked bad a shit storm … it’s looking way worse now.” Drake noted. He didn’t want to prod. Wasn’t his place. He was the pilot after all. “They had Brass come in.” He said in a quieter tone.

“I know.” She said quietly. “Lots of them. And Keller hasn’t been released, and…. There’s so much shit I can’t even get into, but they were right about the ship. So for this hop, bridge is yours. Chart it your way, just get us there. “I’ll keep an eye on the autopilot for the overnights. And if you want to bail on Greenleaf -- I won’t hold it against you.”

“Bail? Just when it's getting good?” Drake said with a shake of his head. “Oh Lieutenant Riley Thorne … ain’t you learned nothing in the o-cad-o-me. You're stuck with me now.” he took a step back. “If you need a shoulder to cry about how you can’t get rid of me or … you know fall in love with me like all the ladies do … I’m right here.” He was smart … he moved out of throat punching distance.

“You ever hear of a chest burster punch, Valari?” She asked, quirking an eyebrow as she tried to hide the smile threatening to cross her lips. “Get this shit straightened up - I want boots in the air the second the mechanic gives us the green light.”

“Aye aye Captain Thorne … “Drake said with a shit eating grin. “... oooo Keller is just going to have kittens when he gets back.” He said all too confident. “Captain Thorne … kinda has a ring to it …” He said, taking his seat starting the flight check.

“So does Duck for Brains.” She replied.

Drake smothered a laugh. “Still funny …”

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