Displaced (Pre-Flight) part 1

“Don’t worry,” Serena offered, stifling a yawn. “I made sure this was all cleaned out, and you’re close to Mr. Cortez. If you bring him tea just right he gives you cookies.” Crew Chief had said no one but no one goes in the cargo bay, not even Yazmina, meaning her ‘home’ was now off-limits. “And if you want? There is even…” She stifled another yawn. “Turn down at night. Did you want any tea or anything to make you more comfortable?”

“No, no, no … I’m exhausted! I don’t think I’ll even fully unpack!” Yasmina smiled, hiding her own yawn behind a manicured hand. “I have no idea how you’re still standing. Must be that sterner spacers stuff I hear you talk about every so often.” Yazmina was still … acclimating to life on the Lunar Veil so she had yet to gain that ‘Stern Spacer Stuff’ herself.

“We are made of pretty stern stuff.” Serena said proudly, pointing to herself. “If you change your mind, I will be glad to make you something. Mr. Lombard and Ms. Meadow and Mr. Cortez all take tea and Mr. Cortez says I make it just perfect. You want me to put your pretty dresses away so they don’t wrinkle? I’m supposed to make sure --” she thought back to the Crew Chief’s exact words. “That you are as comfortable as possible and I took that to mean he didn’t want you to be mad you can’t be on your shuttle home right now.”

“I appreciate the consideration and your hard work to make me comfortable.” Yaz said brightly. “So do you even know what happened? Why the ship was … stormed by Alliance? Just seems … well … not to be a gossip it’s just a bit of a head-scratcher.” Yaz admitted as she unpacked. As far as Yazmina knew the ship, for the most part, operated on the level. She wasn’t so naive to think they didn’t step occasionally into the grey area or rarely illegal stuff. Even she knew that was life out in the black.

“My head scratched once,” Serena said, stepping back from Yazmina, “on the Skyhook n account of someone had lice. Do you think it’s that? I can go an’ see if there’s any mayonnaise in the kitchen. As to what the Alliance wanted, I think you’re supposed to pay ‘em. You give ‘em credits and then they leave you be. They were super nice though. I got oodles of lemon drops and sweet rice cakes only I’m not gonna eat ‘em on account of that’s how you get conscripted. Did they ask you questions too?”

“Nothing I consider unusual.” She said pausing to think. “Questions about the crew, where we have been. Why was I traveling on this ship.” She said resuming her work. “That kind of stuff. So it was hard to tell what they were looking for just based on my questioning alone.”

“They asked me a lotta questions. Questions about Crew Chief an’ Marisol an’ Mistah Doctah Adluh and the Lieutenant, but it’s okay on account of I know how to use discretion.” As she talked, she turned down the bed and fluffed one of the pillows. “All I know is now the Lieutenant is in a really bad mood, and the Crew Chief, I’m gonna do what he wants and not talk all that much on account of usually when the Lieutenant’s cranky, Crew Chief gets outta sorts, an I don’t wanna make nothing worse on him.”

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