Displaced (Pre-Flight) part 2

“It’s easy to see why he likes you best.” Yaz said as she hung her dresses. These ones at least were kind of more her ‘house clothes’, the ones she wore for her clients stayed neatly in their space on her shuttle. Given she didn’t know how long this rule was going to be enforced she figured her home away from home should be more casual and comfortable till she had free access to her shuttle again.

“He thinks I’m peachy keen,” Serena said, mimicking Jody Winchester. “And I don’t give him no guff. Speaking of guff, you -- ain’t seen Gil or Haddie, have you?” Daisy - she’d found Daisy, the drog took refuge under the cot in what was once the Crew Chief’s room, but she hadn’t seen hide nor hare of Gil or his sister.

“No … they haven’t shown up yet?” Yazmina paused. “Those two are fairly resourceful I’m sure they’ll show up in time.” She said confidently. “I’m sure they say purple and ducked out, they strike me as a jumpy pair.”

“Uh huh.” Serena said, nodding her head in agreement. “They don’t much like soldiers. I’m sure they’re okay. Sorry again about your shuttle. I don’t know what’s all so fired important that we can’t go in the cargo bay no more, but askin’ right now I might as well ask to be hollered at on account of I’m sure that would be the outcome.” The teen put a few of Yazmina’s belongings in the drawers to help.

“Well I suppose maybe give it some time, let the dust settle and hopefully eventually we'll get to know what exactly went on.” Yazmina suggested. “I suppose for now we can only carry on and be patient.”

“That’s not so much my strong suit,” Serena sighed, “the being patient part. Carrying on I think I do pretty good at. If you need anythin’ from your shuttle, let me know so I can ask the Crew Chief, I know he’d be glad to help you, and not just on account of you’re put together nicer than anyone I ever seen.”

Yazmina laughed. “You know we’re going to be on Greenleaf soon enough you should try on something nice, maybe a sundress? I think you would look dazzling in a sarong, yellow maybe? I’m sure with how hard you working some downtime must be in order?” It was the opinion of the Companion that there was nothing in the ‘Verse like a bit of pampering and reminding everyone that one was a female!

“I wish!” Serena replied, her shoulder slumping. “Only we were grounded til Pelorum because it builds character and camer… comer… camisoleship. But….” She looked hopefully at the companion. “Could I maybe borrow it for Pelorum? I heard they have beaches and oceans and you can dig your toes into wet sand, and I think I’d really like to do that while wearing a sundress.”

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