Displaced (Pre-Flight) part 3

“Absolutely, I Pelorum is an amazing place! You’ll need a bathing suit too. The ocean water is crystal clear and there are plenty of freshwater pools as well. You might even tan will all that sun.” She smiled thinking of the fun Serena would have. A girl her age should at least gain some benefit from the spacer’s life and enjoy the fun it could provide as well.

“I can’t swim,” Serena told her. “But it sounds amazing. Will you have time on Peloram, or do you have clients?”

“A place like Pelorum my services are in high demand. I find Pelorum a rather unique place, however. I may have a surprise up my sleeve yet.” She said offhandedly. “So we may yet get to spend some time together.” Yazmina wasn’t entirely surprised at the admission. “Well I’m sure someone can help teach you the basics, Peloram would be the perfect place to start learning.”

“I think so too. If Crew Chief can swim, I know he’ll teach me on account of he’s good with stuff like that, and he likes me peachy keen but not like that. I think we’d have fun.” Training in the water had to be less tiring! And you probably didn’t sweat as much. “ Serena replied.

“Who doesn’t love peaches … Do you like Crew Cheif like that?” Yazmina asked directly.

“Him and me are crew,” Serena told her. “And that’s better than like that.”

“Are you avoiding the question?” Yasmina teased much as an older sister would. “Oh come now … you must have noticed by now?”

“Noticed what?” Serena asked, wondering if she had in fact noticed... Whatever it was that Yaz was talking about.

“You know that thing he does with his shoulders? Normally his shoulder is a bit more squared but when he talks to you they relax a bit and there is more of a slope. He also smiles when you talk to him, and when genuinely laughs he closes his eyes. He also doesn't scan the room as much, he tends to focus more on you when you when you two talk.” Yazmina said, thinking back to her observations. This was mostly in passing and casual of course.

Serena thought for a moment. “He does smile and laugh, but I don’t so much know what he does when I’m not there on account of… I’m not there. He watches out for me, and don’t tell him, but I watch out for him too. He doesn’t need me to, and that’s what he’d say if he knew, but I do on account of… I dunno.” She shrugged. Yazmina was making it weird, and it wasn’t weird, it was just how it was. “What about you?” She asked, trying to turn the subject. “I’ve seen Drake look at you, and Drake is super nice to look at.”

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