Displaced (Pre-Flight) part 4

“I find a lot of people look at me.” Yazmina pointed out. “He does have a lovely jawline though.” She mused. “He looks every inch the fighter pilot, have you seen his tattoo?”

“Nuh uh! He has a tattoo?” Serena asked. “Where? Of what?”

“He does right here … “ Yazsaid tapped her right bicep. “... military tattoo, I chanced a glimpse in passing. You might get a good look if you catch him after he eat when his shift ends. He likes to shower before bed … shirts sometimes have a way of walking off …” Yazmina said innocently.

Serena was going to answer, but the words Drake and shower in the same sentence? Yeah. That’s how horse stance happens. “You’re as smart as you are pretty.” Serena complimented. “I’m glad you found our ship.”

“Me too. The crew is colorful and this class of Firefly can make such long leaps. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” Yazmina said fondly putting the last of her things in its proper place.

“We are full of color,” Serena agreed with a nod of her head.

“A rainbows worth.” Yaz agreed.

“A rainbow’s worth.” Serena concluded. “Promise me you’ll let me know if you need anything? Crew Chief must like you too, on account of he stressed the importance of making sure you’re settled.”

“I will. I think though given how late and how stressful today was I’m just going to relax a bit and go to sleep a little early.” Yazmina said, sitting down on the bed with a stretch. “Lets just hope the next few stops are a little less eventful than todays.”

“They….” Serena thought for a moment, then nodded her head. “They hopefully most likely will be.” She said, inching her way towards the door.

“Well, you have good night Serena … and if you need anything feel free to stop by.” The companion encouraged.

“I will,” Serena replied, ducking out of the room, the companions' words playing over in her head. “Definitely.”

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