Sister, Sticker, Spelling, Serena (Preflight) Pt 1

A JP brought to you by the Letter "S" and Wandering Wolf and Blitzen

Serena looked inside the room which had been occupied by Mr. Wargrave, and her shoulders slumped. The mattress was half on the floor, blankets, and sheets in a pile, draws turned over and tossed aside, and big jackboot prints scuffed what was once a polished floor, and that was just *one* of the rooms.

“This is gonna take forever…” She complained, noting how many rooms there, in fact, were on the ship, and exhaustion was running high.

“Have you ever heard that ‘many hands make light work?’” Lyen asked from the teen’s elbow as they both looked into the room. She chuckled, “Between the two of us we’ll make short work of it. Then I might even tell you where I hid some of your ‘extra, extra’ candy I may or may not have picked up on Silverhold,” the nun threw a mischievous wink to the girl, which was quickly replaced with a broad smile and a pat on her shoulder. Ly entered and started by stripping the sheets from the bed and placing them in a pile by the door so she could get to the sliding mattress.

“You think it’s still there?” Serena said excitedly. “I was worried on account of the soldiers I think took a lotta stuff on account of its no longer here. Did you get lemon drops? It’s okay if you didn’t get lemon drops, but I really hope you did get lemon drops. The Alliance gave me lemon drops only I didn’t eat ‘em on account of I know what happens.” The teen moved to the other side of the bed to help put the mattress back on the frame.

Now that was something she hadn’t expected, Alliance soldiers taking candy stuffed in nooks and crannies. “Méimén (no way), there’s no chance they’d look behind the… see? You almost got me to tell you where it is. And you haven’t even passed your next letters pop quiz.” The nun raised her eyebrows expectantly as she and Serena hoisted the bed back into place. Plopping the pillow at the head, she turned her efforts on an errant drawer half-way across the room from its home.

Her face darkened slightly as she thought of the karma which had presented itself as a reaction to her farce on the Alliance ship: a sentence of eight years, commuted, somehow, into a debt she could not possibly hope to pay off. The brush with her past life by way of Macklin’s cortex was in itself a haunting recollection--as was her now pressing need for the coin to clear her name. As she walked the drawer back across the room she almost bumped into Serena, so lost in thought was she. “Sorry, I’m a little distracted. Yes qīn'ài de (dear one), I couldn’t forget your precious lemon drops, though I confess I’m a sucker for bonbons.”

Serna was about to tell her being distracted is how you wound up with horse stance, but caught herself right in time. “Is it on account of the ship got raided?” she asked. She gave Lyen half of the sheet so they could work together at making the bed.

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