Sister, Sticker, Spelling, Serena (Preflight) Pt 2

The sheet drew taut as their hands worked to tuck and pull it into place; Lyen’s face too wore a taut expression. “Yes, it was on account of the raid. It’s given me a bad taste in my mouth.” She handed back a side of the thin blanket to finish the bed between them. “I can’t believe they just took Captain Keller. And we just had to watch them do it. It makes me feel so… powerless, you know?” Not only that but now the other nuns and monks aboard the ship had ceased to leave her side since the interrogation chamber onboard the Alliance ship. There was a thick layer of guilt in the air when her charges were read aloud, just within earshot of those other orange robes.

“How did they treat you?” She asked with concern.

“They were nice, they offered me candy and sweet rice cakes and one of them was packaged with the face of an Aardvark, and I remembered that it had two A’s which I still think was a dirty rotten trick to put on a spelling test,” Serena said in one breath adding a glare at the end. “I didn’t eat none of ‘em on account of that’s what happens, eat or drink something and you wake up the next morning having signed a conscript for three years. Mostly they asked me questions about who was who and who liked who and I didn’t so much lie on account of Crew Chief says you don’t lie less you want lied to. An’ I don’t much like being lied to. I don’t know what Captain Keller did, but next time, I think we should just pay ‘em so they leave us alone. Did… they treat you good?” She asked, tossing half of the top sheet over towards the nun next.

“Don’t lie less you want lied to… that’s good advice. I don’t much like being lied to either,” Lyen said, suddenly very occupied with smoothing the top sheet. “Jiù xiàng yóujiàn yīyàng (right as the mail). No lemon drops, but that’s alright. Somehow they had a very strange idea of the club where Marisol performed on New Kasmir, but everything else seemed well enough,” she said meeting Serena’s eyes for a moment.

“Oh! The strip club?” Serena asked. “They asked me about that too only I couldn’t give no answers on account of I didn’t get to go. They asked who did go an’ I know you went an’ Yeva went and Mistah Doctah Adluh and Captain Keller. I went to town with Crew Chief to see if Hot chocolate was different from hot cocoa, and news flash? It was. We were supposed to go to the strip only we couldn’t on account of Haddie so me an’ Crew Chief stayed on the ship an’ watched the lights instead. They were beautiful, really, even if they aren’t the souls of people you knew died looking down on you.”

“Strip?” Incredulous eyes flew to Serena’s. Slowly, the picture fell into focus as she continued. “That sounds like quite the adventure,” she said to change the subject, “You know, who’s to say those particles from far off stars aren’t connected to the souls of those we love?” She smiled at the teen. “I can only hope we’ve seen the last of the Alliance for some time,” she said, tucking her end in.

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