Sister, Sticker, Spelling, Serena (Preflight) Pt 3

Lyen picked up the drawer once more, tilting it to put it back in place. “Oh, would you look at that? Mr. Wargrave forgot something.” Stuck under a single corner at the back, a vibrantly colored stamp depicting cherry blossoms in full bloom shone up at her. A slender finger dove in to retrieve it, brandishing the treasure at Serena.

Serena’s eyes lit up at the pretty stamp with flowers and a sticky back that didn’t even need tape. “It’s so shiny!” She cooed, turning her eyes to Lyen’s. “Can I have it? I want to stick it on one of my papers - but not the dumb one with aardvark because I still say that was a dirty rotten trick.”

The nun bit her lip in thought for a moment, “I have a better idea. I’ll save this for the next time you get one-hundred percent on your letters, deal? That way you have incentive for doing your best! What do you think? Ooh also, I might have you spell incentive,” she made a mental note. Of late, Serena’s ‘papers’ were becoming more and more challenging for Ly in coming up with words the girl hadn’t heard before or mastered. She was developing quite an extensive vocabulary. Lyen attributed this to all the time she was spending with Vas; she knew the crew chief liked to read and on many occasions, Serena had told her at length all about words she’d picked up from him. “Banked?”

“Banked!” Serena agreed, keeping her eye on the stamp. “When are we gonna write letters next?”

“Well,” the nun said coyly, “how soon can you finish all the rooms with me?”

“Soon!” Serena promised, picking up the pace. “And no cheating words this time, you promise? We just got… a bunch more rooms, but we can get it done super fast. Did you want to ask your new friends to help? They don’t talk to me much.”

“No words are cheating words yúchǔn (silly)! I promise not to be sneaky, though, no ‘aardvarks’ or ‘bazaars,’ shiny?” She straightened the second errant drawer. “New friends?” Lyen asked casually while she finished the task.

“Uh-huh, they wear robes like you and they been on the ship a while but I think they’re shy on account of they just used to watch and now they’ve made friends with you on account of I seen them talking to you.” The teen said in one breath.

“Oh…” Lyen was quiet, “yes, well, I think my new friends are focused on other matters,” matters of the spirit, which weighed on the nun like a brick on her chest, especially, she thought, in light of her perjury. Suddenly she felt all alone, with a hankering need to see Marisol bubbling up to the surface.

“If you keep up that pace I’m going to be running after you just to keep up. I’ll keep this for later,” she said, tucking the cherry blossom stamp in a fold of her robe, “C’mon, I’m going to give you a run for your money!” The nun said as she chucked the pillow at Serena, while picking up the bucket for some serious boot-scuff-scrubbing.

JP - Wandering Wolf & Blitzen

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