Crew Meeting - If you're Crew, You Are Here!

There wasn’t a thing about this situation that didn’t suck, and shit like this -- this is where Keller shined. Make lemons sound like lemonade or whatever, but Riley Thorne was not born with that same gift, she didn’t lie awake wondering why she never made Captain when on active duty. She was, however, born with a steel rod for a spine and she held her head high when entering the galley full of crew at exactly 2000 hours.

She met no one’s eyes, not directly. This is the way things were and it wasn’t like they were dead in the water out in the black, they were all free to try to find other boats, but then again with a full scale open Alliance investigation and them so close to the core, fat chance of that happening.

AAR,Thorne, keep it short, just the facts.

“So,” she began, “At 1245 Alliance soldiers boarded our ship, and a few of you were questioned. As you have noticed, the ship was searched, I expect it back in order ASAP. As of right now, I’m acting captain of the ship in interim. Despite what some of you think, we have had it pretty good the last few months food wise, work-load wise, and I’m sorry to burst any bubbles, but that needs to end until things are back to normal. There is no such thing as downtime, or shifts, if you’re needed, you’re needed. That means there are 24 hours in the day, 14 of them will most likely belong to the ship. For reasons I won’t disclose the ship has been heavily fined, but luckily the Alliance did see fit to provide provisions for at least three months. As of now, the kitchen is off limits. Roose will have access to the inventory, fresh food will go to the paying passengers, and crew will be given rations or meal replacements,protein paste, powders and nutrient blocks. We are able to provide coffee, tea and fresh water, anything else you wish to drink will be purchased on your own dime when we land.

For other reasons I won’t disclose, effective immediately the cargo bay is off limits to crew and passengers alike. If you need something from the cargo bay, see Jat or myself and we will retrieve it for you. If you are found in the cargo bay, you’ll be found next in the airlock where you’ll stay until we land if you’re lucky.

Several of you will have different or new assignments, which I have outlined to those it affects Jat or I will be around if you have any questions.

I can’t say for how long the new system will be in effect, but I do expect your full cooperation. Anyone who dislikes the new system is welcome to try and find yourself a new boat on Greenleaf, but I will also warn you that we are in the core and your name is associated with an on-going investigation, this is not the place to find a ship with no questions asked.” Bile burned the lieutenant’s throat. No questions asked, synonymous with your ship will be fucked. “Jat? Anything to add? Floor is yours.”

“Crew is ungrounded, if you're looking for shore leave on Greenleaf clear it with me first since the ship can't be left unattended. For now, all workplaces are to be locked, keys will be handed out shortly. Don’t have a key you're not supposed to be there then. Only Riley and Me have master keys. Keep our bunks locked too when you’re not using them. Just extra precautions we’re taking for now.” Vas keeping it short.

“If you have questions,” Riley said taking the floor back. “I’m not at liberty to discuss much, but you are free to ask them anyway. You can be ruttin’ sure I will be around. Chavez - engine room, I’ve had enough time on New Melbourne. Valari, get us airborne.”

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