Welcome to Khao Yai on Greenleaf

Hey everyone!

Now that we have officially landed on Greenleaf it is not unusual for us to scatter about in search of personal plots/cause trouble or further storylines which of course we encourage. Remember to give the Mods, a heads up so we can make sure it will all fit it all.

Now normally we have good rhythm we follow but we DO have some new blood (Hi Lucas!) so I just wanted to give a little info on how things run when we go wandering off the boat.

If your plot is one-shot (or multi-part) that has a defined beginning or end (known as a closed post) you’re fine! Just make sure to label where and what time of day it’s taking place (Location would be nice too!) in the title!

If you are writing a post that is open for anyone to join or where you are tagging someone, make sure to maintain the same title along with where and what day it is taking place. We have found that this really helps make things easy to follow and read. Mods will be fixing titles!

By now you all should know the drill and if you have questions we are available via e-mail, Discord, and Hangouts.

Lastly, if you have a plotline you want to run PLEASE let the MODS know! We have started keeping track of pending and ongoing plots and it has helped a lot in keeping a straight timeline with who is where and when it’s happening and how much we can fit during our stay and prevent the game from stalling. So if it’s not on the list it is less likely it will get run. It’s easier for us to plan ahead then backpedal!

Now just a little follow up on the planet we landed on …

Welcome to Khao Yai on Greenleaf


Khao Yai is set in the heart of Greanleafs sprawling jungle belt. Khao Yai is a large independent city-state that is part of the Greenleaf Alliance. It is further subdivided into four major provinces, namely Saraburi (west), Nakhon Nayok (South), Nakhon Ratchasima (north) and Prachinburi (east).

Blessed with a lush, mountainous landscape, fertile valleys, pounding waterfalls, and rich biodiversity, Khao Yai is a year-round getaway destination. The west side boasts a range of wild-west theme parks and vineyards. The south and east are peppered with a wealth of natural wonders, from Prachinburi’s jungle-clad waterfalls to Wang Nam Kheo’s ozone-rich valleys. It is the site of a sprawling palace and is the seat of there government. Surrounded by a botanical garden and Royal Manageries. It’s the highest peak, at Khao Rom, which is 1,351 meters above sea level and is considered and holy site.
Khao Yai maintains a Royal monarchy that works in tandem with a democratic parliament.
Khao Yai has a booming chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing economy. Tropical plants provide a variety of life-saving drugs that cannot easily be synthesized in a laboratory, providing the bulk of work for the locals.

Seeing the enormous profits that were being made, smugglers began to make 'clippings' of pharmaceutical plants and grow them privately to sell on the black market. The problem became so great that the drug companies began engineering new plant strains with traceable genetic tags, so that the confiscated merchandise could be traced back to the origin point. The technique has not yet led to any major arrests, mostly because there are dozens of small cartels, and they are difficult to track down in the jungle.

The Alliance is aware of the drug-smuggling problem out on Greenleaf, and they are clamping down on enforcement. Landing is more restricted on Greenleaf than on other Rim worlds, though smugglers who know the jungle can always find ways to sneak through. As such security is very tight in order to protected there economy and products.

A Major note in regard to Khao Yai. The City State enjoys great peace and safety within the city walls. However, it’s still advised even within the borders for newcomers to not wander into the jungle. The sprawling reserves are easy to get lost in. Beyond it’s the well-protected wall they cannot guarantee anyone’s safety even with an escort. In addition to various rebels, criminal cartels, and in general undesirable elements the war left many gifts with hidden mines and traps that catch even the savviest natives by surprise.
Also, there is a grave lack of, traditional, familiar bar drinks, and if you do find a place that serves such drinks it’s very high end and is so expensive it’s offensive. Local drink are more like the following: Desi daru or sharaab (Think moonshine but made with molasses), Tharra (Local rum), Taadi (Palm Wine), Feni liquor (Cashew, Goa, Coconut), Mahua wine and Hadi (Rice Beer also available in various flavors)

Any Questions?

Suggested Plots

Lyen - The Monks and Nuns have been keeping close ye to you so you haven’t gotten a moment to speak to Marisol (even if she had Lyen would have ZERO privacy). So it's not a lack of trying so much as the interference of Nuns and Monks. Lyen has been asked to submit yourself to the temple at the foot of Khao Rom to speak to the head Nun. (Speak to Winter and/or Blitzen to run this.)

Elle - There's probably plenty of fishing, or we bet you can find some sourdough starter if you look hard enough. Also, she can find a small revival or church if she wants. (Let us know if you want us to NPC for you!)

Roose - You need to do some food shopping … and maybe go on safari if the crew is going to get any meat. Maybe sell the pelts for some extra money.

Lawrence - It’s drug central. Strike a deal. Make a connection. Get high. Have fun.

Dorian - There is some work to be found if you know where to look, that up to you to decide. Don’t be afraid to use the barter system if needed.

Marisol - Feel free to fret about Lyen. You didn’t get to talk to her after she returned and you most likely haven’t spoken to her during the hop and then among a gaggle of orange robes went off to the temple.

Drake - He is pretty sure Riley hasn’t tried some of these interesting drinks. So theory going to try them all.

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