Hot and Sweaty (Day 1, Afternoon, Cargo Bay)

The flight was a short hop but it was a busy one, there was a list a mile long that needed to be done to do to bring the ship back to rights. Guest rooms were a priority of course. Vas kept the crew hopping and Riley seems to always be around as well.

They touched down on Khao Yai, Greenleaf in the early afternoon. Offloading took place first before the passengers could stream out and explore the local area. It was hot, humid but giving it was spring on this part of the planet the jungle was a riot of color and bird songs.

Sweaty and tired Deckhands found a cool spot in the cargo bay drinking cold water to chase the heat away.

“Whew … Welcome to Greenleaf … it’s a jungle.” Vas said with a snort and laugh. “Any of you planning on checking out the local spots?” He said prodding his deckhands with small talk while they took a short break.

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