REPORT! (Day 1 Evening)

Riley poured a cup of coffee and took her spot at the head of the Galley table, stifling a yawn. The cargo had been offloaded early on, a task she and Jat handled solo before the Cargo Bay was opened for the rest of the crew to help unload the seaweed. Keller had been right, it would have been a big score.

Vas tapped on his cortex heading to the Galley. It had been a logistical nightmare but whenever the Alliance stuck its nub into something you could guarantee the true deviousness that was the Alliance rearing its ugly head would show. Bureaucracy.

That being said the upshot was the meticulous record-keeping which was a small favor to make things a bit easier. Either way, for now, Vas needed to report regularly to Riley for the time being … at least till the dust that had been kicked up had been settled. “Lieutenant,” Vas said, presenting himself to Riley. “Reporting in.” He started letting her know it was that time for updates.

“Give me the run-down.” Riley said with a rolling hand motion as she took a sip of coffee. “Cargo?”

“Damage to the cargo was … significant. Half the bourbon was confiscated and the equipment slated for High Gate is extensive and will have to be replaced. If we sell the bourbon here it should help mitigate the shortfall. As you know the infirmary was all but stripped of the new equipment. The original equipment had been reinstalled. I suggest Adler submit an inventory of medications currently in stock. That would help with managing the budget.” Vas said running through his bullet points.

“I have Adler giving me a list of everything we need.” Riley said, “See where he’s at with that.”

Vas tapped his cortex adding to his list. “The Alliance sent us a list early this morning of all items suspected or possible contraband they discovered. I checked it twice, no personal items were taken, so I managed to keep any said complaints at bay, the missing personal items was quickly found by Deckhands in their respective rooms. Also, we have small crate of some of the crew personal possession they may have had on them when they were taken in? I have a list. It looks like just Doc guns and pocket watch … some smaller nicknacks … and a bag of lemon drops … I have no idea why anyone was carrying around that much lemon drops but here we are.” They all know it had to be Serena but he wasn’t naming names.

“Also … Chavez has scheduled … a lot of time for maintenance but she didn’t list what all this maintenance was for.” Vas noted. “Other than the infirmary, the mess made in the engine room, nothing was actually damaged. It’s not like they pulled the plate off and stripped the ship for its copper. I checked the logs and the ship was before and she cleared us to fly so I’m sort of at a loss. I don’t know if you wanted to or if it’s okay to let it slide and leave her be or if you want to get an explanation on why she is committing so many hours on what looks like basic maintenance.” It was a roundabout way of him asking for a suggestion while also reporting the oddness of the situation. He knew his professional relationship with Chavez was less than nonexistent but he was trying.

“Idle hands.” Riley replied with a nod. “She wants to stay busy, let her. People who are busy don’t tend to find trouble. Same school of thought you used to keep --” Pint and half pint. I miss you, Keller. “--Gil and Haddie out of trouble. I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Status of the rest of the crew?”

"Yes Lieutenant. Roose is still working on making editable meals with protein blocks, don't hold your breath. He and Elle have asked for shore leave, they plan on fishing. Serena, Gill and Elle have been working double time getting the rooms cleaned up and back in order and Daisy is keeping Haddie, for the moment, out of trouble. We're nearly back to normal … schedule wise. Laundry is a bit backed up but that should right itself by tomorrow." Vas listed all the updates.

“Passengers first.” Riley reminded him, knowing full well he didn’t need reminding. And how did this gorram ship generate so much ruttin’ laundry? “Put two people if you have to - and make sure rooms are ready. We may be picking up more passengers in Pelorum. Which reminds me, on High Gate, you’ll see on your cortex I’m going to need a large volume of the cargo space. Make sure no one accepts any jobs for that hop without clearing it directly with me. Understood?”

"Understood Lieutenant." With that forwarding he could convert a chunk of the passenger down into extra storage space. The benefit nod the whole area being so modular. "We'll be able to accommodate." The noted. The only rooms that really needed to stay intact was the long term passengers like Lyen and the unique case that was Doc.

“Anything else to report? How is moral?”

"Serena's cheer is indestructible, Roose hasn't kill anyone with his cooking, Elle is … better. I am hoping her fishing trip with Roose will lift up her mood some but I like to think she is slowly warming up. Drake is … Drake. I haven't seen Lyen since we landed. Doc and the Mechanic …" Vas paused. " … I don't know. They haven't said two words to anyone since the last stop and they have just been sequestering themselves up whispering to each other." Vas didn't want to jump to conclusions but it just seemed like odd behavior. Where it anyone else he might of thought they were hooking up but … Doc was better than that right? Just … it was all so messy when it didn't have to be.

Riley’s jaw clenched, but she nodded her head in understanding. “Make sure everyone gets some R&R in Pelorum. There’s a lot of beaches -- Do something preferably besides getting drunk - I don’t want to end up bailing anyone out, we’ve had enough of that. Anything else?”

"No Lieutenant. That's everything." Vas nodded.

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