Gone Fishing (Day 1, Afternoon, Cargo Bay)

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Day 1, Afternoon, Cargo Bay

The humidity was real. Elle had spent plenty of time on either side of the line on Newhall but typically just the movement of her ship being underway provided a breeze for those working topside. Below decks - well one thing a fishing ship had plenty of was ice and machines for making it so except for the snipes in the engine room there was decent AC. This place though, with no breeze into the cargo bay, the heat was just a constant wet blanket you couldn’t stick your foot out of at night to cool off. She wasn’t panting like Daisy but she sure understood the dog.

They’d been worked hard since coming back from the Alliance cruiser, hard even by her standards, and she was glad to sit down for a few minutes. The first sip of water went down her throat and the rest of the bottle was poured across her head and a little bit in a cupped palm for Daisy’s tongue to more cool off with than drink. Elle wiped her hand clean on the thigh of her coveralls.

“I want leave,” she said without looking at Vas. Without looking at anyone. “And if’n he’ll go with me want Roose to has it too.”

Vas was still cooling off but he much preferred this over the cold of New Kashmir. "Sure ...when? We're here here 4 days, landing day, two whole days and take off day." Vas said fiddling with his cortex. "Well if Roose wants time he'll have to ask since you don't know for sure if he is going with you."

“Thought I’d walk out tomorrow morning and be back same time the day after,” she said. Elle really wanted to ask for more time but she didn’t know if it was going to come out of her pay and wasn’t about to ask and give Vas any reason to come down on her. He was probably already figuring it out on the device he held. Elle knew what a cortex was but for sure couldn’t use one. “That be okay?”

"Sure." The thing beeped as he scheduled it in. "Where you planning on going?" Vas said cheerfully. There was lots to do in this city so he couldn't help but wonder what her plans were. "If it's okay for me to ask …" he added, trying not to be rude. This was probably the most civil and longest conversation he had with Elle so far!

The redhead clammed up, face turning even more away from Vas than it had been. Everything in her was saying not to tell him but almost as if he’d smacked her on the back of the head for not paying attention at Sunday learnin’, Shepherd demanded she remember what he said about Isaiah. Shepherd said if you were willing and obedient you’d get to eat the good of the land. “Fishing,” she reluctantly volunteered after awkward seconds. “Just in the rivers, not real fishing. Don’t quite know yet where. Was going to ask around early tomorrow morning and find out where.”

"Nice! Bring spray and watch out the piranhas it's spring here so they’re all red bellies and hangry. There are some good spots in the city proper, if you go to the bigger lakes I think there could be some eel if you're into that. I know there are some good spots at the big river but that's outside of city limits." Vas babbled. He was trying. He was hoping maybe she might catch catfish. They got big here and he liked catfish. Now it was awkward. He made it awkward. Smooth Crew Chief.

Why was it so much easier talking to Serena?!

“Yeah?” now she did look at him, surprised that he knew something about fishing. If Elle had laid down her chips she’d have thought he’d never done such a thing. Her impression of Vas’ background was a little bit murky and a whole lot unflattering. It got a small bit better just now.

Without proper gear, she was going to have to buy line and hooks and a net, Elle wasn’t about to hit the bigger rivers. No boat, no experience with their currents and shoals and that was a bad recipe for a lousy death. “We, uh, got any spray?” There probably was but without being able to read the labels Elle couldn’t tell bug spray from engine degreaser.

"Yea it moves around. It's a green bottle with pictures of mosquitoes on it. It should be in the storage closet in the end of the passenger dorm if you have trouble finding it let me know. I'll help find it before you go." Vas said, pleased as punch with how the conversation was going.

“Thanks,” she said, again after a pause but this time she looked him in the eyes. Elle pushed herself to her feet, leaving a sweaty spot on the deck. “Need to go find Roose and see if he wants to go.”

"No worries, just let me know!" Vas said cheerfully in spite of the heat and humidity.

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