Gone Fishing (Day 1, Afternoon, Galley)

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Following the new orders they’d been given, Elle didn’t try to go into the galley just banged on the hatch twice with the work calloused heel of her hand. Substantial knocks, loud knocks, the kind you made when you wanted the person on the other side to hear it no matter how loud it might be inside or say how much a lifetime of hunting might have hurt their hearing.

“Got leave,” she said when Roose opened the hatch, her statement abrupt and without any wasted breath of courtesy. “Cleared it with Vas,” the plain girl added a little too abruptly as if he was some sort of boogum that had to be placated.

“Came to get my rations for the day I’ll be gone.”

The protein paste had been a new problem for Roose. It seemed like there wasn’t a single bit of food that he couldn’t manage to alter beyond recognition for the crew but even for him, the military grade slop had proven a worthy foe. He had cut it up, blended it, drowned it in whiskey overnight and fried it to all hell, it still ended up tasting roughly the same. This morning he had figured thin slices of it might just be something he could spice, but the process was a delicate one and more than a few had ended up more applesauce than apple slices. The banging had caught him at an odd time in his grumbling but Elle was always a welcome sight to the galley.

“Rations?” He looked back to the bowl of mistakes that he had been working with today, “I’ll...go get some from the fridge for yah. Where you heading off to need rations for?” He called back as he explored the fridge full of the small packets, looking more like ammo than food.

“Hope not to need them.” She walked over the counter where he’d been working, hands in her back pockets to keep from getting anything dirty. The way Elle figured it she was owed her rations every day and if she didn’t eat them she might be able to sell them. Or at least drop them in some beggar’s bowl. “I’m going fishing. Cleared it with Vas,” she said and leaned over the bowl of -

“You sick up in this?” she asked and turned her head to look at him without straightening up.

Roose was quiet for a moment as he put two and two together with her comment. “Oh...uhh no, just the latest in my little cooking ventures. Wouldn’t recommend trying it just yet, haven’t gotten around to finishing it up.” He grabbed her protein pack for the day and moved back across the kitchen, “Protein packs those military jokers gave us just don’t taste the same as real meat, no heart anywhere in it, literally.” He wistfully closed his eyes as he tried to remember a good reindeer heart stew he had cooked up some time ago. It only took him another jog around memory lane to latch onto the girl’s earlier words as well, “Say, you wouldn’t mind if I followed on for some fishing would you? Can’t say it’s my specialty but I would kill just about anything for the chance at some real meat again.”

“Was going to ask you,” Elle admitted, something like a smile on her lips as she stood up. “Kind of mentioned it to Vas but he said you’d have to ask him. Don’t know why, just a way for him to feel like he’s holding the rod I guess.” Elle pulled her hands out of her pockets and picked up the bowl, swirling it around and marveling at the gritty consistency of it. “Don’t know if there could be any hunting. Maybe? If so you want to do that instead and I can help you keep camp?”

Roose considered it for the moment, "Gonna be a lot harder to convince him to let me out if he thinks I might drag you into some kinda scrap. I don't have the hankering for anything just yet though. Let's see how everyone likes fish though, then we convince 'em to let us out and about." The old man placed a hand on his beard as he thought out the plan.

"Suppose you'll need bait then? What you planning on fishing for?" His experience with unfrozen water was not great, but he still had enough years on him he might know enough to come off as a weathered fisherman as well.

“Vas said there was piranha, and they’re right fishy but good if you smoke ‘em or make ‘em into fish sauce. Eel too, easy to catch them in a stick weir overnight. Was going to use bugs that are around, was going to ask the locals what was good, and I’m handy with a cast net for bait fish. Need to buy one. Won’t have no rods or reels, too pricey, but a hand line works almost as good if you ken what you’re doing.”

Elle was animated, not rushing in her words but with a definite confidence and enthusiasm behind them that was rarely observed. “I’m hoping there's a dole of turtles I can sneak one or two out of. Just - whatever will bite, snag a net or move too slow for me not to grab.” Elle smiled at him, a bit of her teeth showing and nervously pushed a fall of knife cut hair out of her face. “You won’t have to tote nothing you don’t want. I’m just happy you want to come with me.”

The energy and spunk of the young girl gave him quite a run through as he strained to keep up with her. If it wasn't the inherent speed of youth or just his experience with slower talking hunters over the years, but he was out of his element. "Don't you worry, I'll carry my weight just fine. After all, we're after dinner aren't we." He gave a smile to her and moved out from the kitchen, leaving his greasy and dirty apron behind. "I'll go have a quick chat with Vas about rounding up some decent grub for the ship. I'll meet you outside when I'm done." He quickly poked his head back into the galley, "Oh and uhh...don't eat that just yet, it's still fermenting."

Cheered by the thought that Serena might have to drink it, Elle let it be and left the galley.

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