OOC - Putting Away My Childish Things

Covid-19 has had a tremendous impact upon my company. Since March, we’ve been forced to furlough 75% of our staff. A third of those were permanently laid off as of June 30th.

I’m very fortunate. Though I took a salary cut, I still have a job with a regular paycheck…and the increased workload of the rest of my team. With a restructuring plan implemented this week, my load is such that I’m forced to make some unpleasant choices. One of those is my resignation from “Browncoats Unite” and “Something Wicked.” I don’t take this lightly. When faced with the alternative of leaving plots and each of you waiting for days (or weeks) on IC responses from me, I decided that a clean break would be the kindest cut.

You are all the finest group of writers, mods, and friends with whom I’ve ever shared the joy of the craft. I learned so much from each of you, and will be forever grateful. I’m gonna miss you guys.

Keep flying.


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