Keep Flying

Riley clasped the pin in her hand. Understanding the decision and liking the decision were two different things, but ultimately it was something she had to accept was for the best. The Alliance had them on a short leash, being on the ship could jeopardize everyone. Her own feelings could be sorted out later, and, as her old commander used to say - Emotions don’t lead ships, but they can lead to their ruin. She appreciated what they were doing, even if she was too stubborn to say so. Time to let the troops know. “Jat!” She called, setting the pin down and heading down the galley stairs.

Familiar boots marched up the stairs from the cargo bay to the Galley. “Yes, Lieutenant?” The punk said presenting himself to the acting Captain.

“Chavez…” She paused for the briefest of moments, “And Adler won’t be taking off with us. They left Greenleaf on the Mariposa about an hour ago. I don’t plan on making an announcement just yet. I’d like everyone to enjoy the remainder of their time on Greenleaf. They’ll be missed -- by everyone. You can let the deck’s know before we lift off, the only other person I’m going to tell is Sister Lyen. I may need her to assist in the med bay, plus I think it’d be best if she heard it before everyone else. Just so you know we’ll need Valari., I may need you to fly. We have a good shot of finding a mechanic for cheap on High Gate, lots of people will be looking to get out. Any questions? -- Let me rephrase. Any questions that don’t involve the word ‘why?’“

Vas tried not to bristle at the news. After what happened back on Beaumont and then on New Melbourne he knew it had just been a matter of time. He knew there were things happening he had not been privy to. He knew now he had been lied to, used. His friendship with Adler had been nothing but manipulation. Disappointment was too pale of a word for how he felt. “No Lieutenant. It may be for the best and I think the further we put it behind us the better.” Vas stated in a cold tone. The Lieutenant didn’t need his emotional baggage. He could with that on his own time. There was work to be done right now.

“Good. I expect morale to take another hit, but I’m sure you'll handle it when we hit the black. I’ll look for Sister Lyen in the morning, but for now, get some sleep, Jat.”

“I will. I’ll fix up the schedule to accommodate the change. Have a good night Lieutenant.” Vas said.

Once alone, the lieutenant took the pin Adler had gifted her back out of her pocket and headed back up to the bridge. Despite Jat's wishes for a good night, there was work to be done, reports to be made, hearts to be broken and friendships to miss.

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