Roots and Drugs

After the dreadful trip to town, Lawrence was all too glad to shut his door and go through what he gained from the local stands.
Some decent opiates and painkillers. Herbal roots and leaves, with a few vials of natural substances from the fauna.
All gained at a record price due to Serena’s incessant speech impediment. The girl had some use.
Setting down his finds, he looked at his door in deep thought. There had to be more black markets here. It was that or he would have to find a way past the ridiculous security into the greater wilds.
What tempted him to leave the comforts of civilization was an amphibian. It was well known here for secreting a paralytic toxin and was unfortunately one of the items he needed that was under strict protection.
Maybe Leo would be of use? The man seemed shady enough to be able to slip his way wherever he pleased.
Tapping his finger to his lips as if to hurry his decision, he put his roots and drugs into his case, then left the relative safety of his room.

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