On To Pelorum!

Riley poured herself a cup of coffee in the galley, letting the liquid settle her stomach. Roose and Schippkotte brought back plenty of fish, which thankfully were just grilled and - by Roose standards, fairly tasty. It was a welcome respite from the protein pastes and powders, and she hoped it lifted the crew’s spirits from. Whoever said something about an army traveling on its stomach may have had a point.

She poured a second cup, milk, no sugar for the pilot seated at the galley table, the pilot she dragged into the current mess who was currently pulling double duty as a mechanic as well. “How are we doing on time?” She asked Valari.

Drake sat at the table looking over start maps and routs on his cortex. “Engines fine, and barring any sudden space catastrophe or another alliance shakedown … we should be there on time.” He responded taking the offered cup filled with liquid wakefulness. “It’s a well-travled route so there isn’t much to shave off. Fuel consumption is optimal and ship numbers are shiny as shiny can be.” Drake reported between sips. “A little boring for the next three days is something we can all look forward to for the next three solar cycles.”

“Boring is just what we need to get some work done. Ship back in order,” Riley scowled. “But I’m thinking as a reward, everyone gets time off in Pelorum. Something to keep morale up at least. And yes -- that includes you.”

“Ooh shore leave.” Drake said with a sly grin. “That means some bar hopping, poor decision making, and checking out sharks inside a cage while half in the bag? I’m sure the crew will be thrilled. Pelorum has lost of things to do to blow off steam.” He said leaning back. “We have any idea how long were planetside? They have their own sense of time where we are landing and done exactly have a speed past pleasant amble.”

“Schedule calls for four days, but I’m thinking of making it five….” She thought out- loud. “Everyone’s earned some R&R. Jat’s decks have made a sizable dent in cleaning up the ship, and I’m in no rush to get to High Gate. What do you think?”

“I think given all the upheaval a little R&R goes a long way with helping moral.” Drake said in a sagely tone. “But what about our fearless leader? You going to actually take some time and work on a tan?” Drake asked slyly noting she has stepped around his question. “Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your crew.” It was to easy for the likes of Riley to push there needs aside.

“I’ll leave lounging on the beach to you,” She said with a smirk. “I have a few things to take care of, but I’m planning a bit of downtime -- watch you risk your ass in a shark tank, that could be fun. You know - relaxing.”

“Happy to risk life and limb if it gets you to relax.” Drake laughed. “I hear there is this one place serves up one heck of a drink … don’t ask me what’s in it but it’s called a white zombie. We should go try it, the onion rings are real good too from what I hear.” Drake paused and thought a moment. “Can’t actually remember if I visited it before ... “ He said scratching his head. “ … well, guess that’s why they call it a white zombie.”

“Find out where it is, and I’m there,” the lieutenant promised, making note to herself that she wouldn’t go overboard.

“Shiney.” Drake said with a devious grin. He was clearly out to make her his drinking buddy it seemed. Drinking was fun and grand but drinking and enjoying with someone … that was the best of times. Riley was doomed to have fun on Pelorum and thankful it wasn’t going to be with a resistant sulk! Even better!

“Pelorum,” Riley said with a nod, “That’s exactly what this ship needs - and speaking of needs --” She pointededly looked at the clock on the wall, then back to Valari.”Don’t you have a bridge needs tending to?”

“One day I’m going to take the batteries out of that clock.” He smirked getting up to fill his cup. “Yea yea yea I’m going I’m going …” He said whistling as he walked off to the bridge. “Pelorum! White Zombies! HUGE Hangovers!” Drake reminded calling out from the bridge.

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