What the duck? Part 2 (Day 2 Morning)

Vas only armed with a spoon for his defense blink wide-eyed at Serena. “B-but we ATE the duck! The one on the bus! That was the duck you’re talking about right? I don’t know if there is leftovers! I can check but there might not be any more duck! We can get more duck … are we even talking about actual duck?!” Vas said wondering why she was getting all bent over eaten duck!

“There is no more duck,” she replied. “I just have to accept the duck is gone, but it’s hard, and I know you miss it too, even if you won’t admit it.”

“So we ARE talking about duck? Are you sure you’re not hungry? We’re talking an awful lot about duck. That we can get. Anywhere. I will choke a waterfowl and cook it myself if that makes you happy!” Vas said still not sure if this was about duck or something she should talk to another woman about.

Serena rolled her eyes and picked up her mug of coffee. “You can’t even toast bread,” she groused, not really sure what that had to do with Mistah Doctah Adluh. “But if you decide you want to talk about the duck, I’ll be happy to talk to you on it. I have to go get some laundry in before I make tea for Ms. Meadow.”

“I can too! The bread toasted! It was toasted!” Vas protested. “I am always happy to talk about duck! I love duck!” He said still not understanding why she was getting so techy about duck! “If we are talking about duck … the bird.” Vas said trying to be clear because sweet, merciful Buddha Serena was NOT!

Serena looked at him, this time in sympathy, nodding her head. “I love duck too,” she said cryptically, happy that the Crew Chief admitted his feelings finally. She knew in her heart the duck loved them too. “Thanks, Crew Chief. You always know exactly what to say to make me feel better.” She drained her coffee cup and set it in the sink.

Vas blinked not sure what he actually agreed to. “Uhhh … okay. You’re welcome?” He said not sure if this was going to bite him in the ass down the line. Only Serena could make him think twice about admitting to loving Duck, the food, in its various forms. Though compared to this protein slug he was missing his over toasted toast. Which was fine because it had been successfully toasted and it was often 75% bread 25% black carbon that could easily be scraped off!

Serena giggled, her heart feeling 100 times lighter as she skipped off to the laundry room, satisfied that he missed duck every bit as she did.

Vas watched her skip off more confused than ever.

Drake walked in filling his cup with coffee. “Ah... I see Serena talked to you about the duck huh?

“She talked to you too??” Vas blinked.

“Of course!” Drake said pouring creamer into his coffee.

“ ...and??” The Crew Chief asked at the edge if his seat.

“Well...she needs time.” Drake said slurping his coffee heading back to the bridge.

“.... TIME FOR WHAT?!?! … VALARIE!!!” Vas shouted chasing after the pilot.

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