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Taking Stock (Day 2 Morning)

The infirmary's LED lights flickered in rhythm to the ship's heartbeat--one that purred under the unfamiliar hand of Valari instead of Marisol. From the makeshift desk here, perched upon her stool, the room felt sterile and empty, though all the essentials were left intact. The data on the screen before her had been swapped for an old hard drive and had no recollection of the current occupants.

Patient 01: Ron "Chump" Dumpling
Age: 74
Station: Captain
Conditions: Burgeoning paranoia, fueled by a disregard for the well being of others. Borderline 5150. Not someone I'd put in charge of anything. Suffers from a disastrous case of HPV...

Some previous medic's nonchalant tone was perhaps biting as it went on to describe the patient's conditions, with opinion interjected. Lyen would have to start anew on the patient files for those aboard. They were her responsibility now. Hers alone. The nun's attention drifted down the wall to the medicine stores.

The cabinets were supplied, though not amply, for the next leg of their journey. There were quadrivalent flu vaccines, Tdap, and several travel vaccines, but there was a sore lack of pneumococcus or chicken pox solutions. Come to think of it, she wasn't even sure if Haddie or Gill had experienced the pox, or whether it was something the ship would have to gear up for. Speaking of... where were those two? She'd bring that up to Vas and query whether there was a budget for some preventative boosters for the crew. Given the fiscal strain the ship--and even she felt herself--it seemed unlikely.

One silver lining that the current medical equipment held was its simplicity. For Lyen that was a major boon, seeing as the tech Dorian had procured as a part of his partnership was fascinating, but far beyond the nun's comprehension. Now, a microscope, a small centrifuge, an autoclave, and the workstation sat atop the counter--along with the Denta-kiln, of course. Her lip turned up in a slight smile just looking at it.

Standing, Lyen smoothed her robe and adjusted her braid before locking up the cabinet and quitting the medbay. Daisy needed her morning walk, and afterward she'd find Vas to give her medicinal report.

Even as the large beautiful dog licked her hands in appreciation, the nun still felt a hollow pang of normalcy in the absence of Marisol and Dorian.

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