Welcome to Wayaka Island on Pelorum

Hey Everyone!

Now that we have officially landed on Pelorum it is not unusual for us to scatter about in search of personal plots/cause trouble or further storylines which of course we encourage. Remember to give the Mods, a heads up so we can make sure it will all fit it all.

Now normally we have good rhythm we follow but we DO have some new blood (Hi Yule!) so I just wanted to give a little info on how things run when we go wandering off the boat.

If your plot is one-shot (or multi-part) that has a defined beginning or end (known as a closed post) you’re fine! Just make sure to label where and what time of day it’s taking place (Location would be nice too!) in the title!

If you are writing a post that is open for anyone to join or where you are tagging someone, make sure to maintain the same title along with where and what day it is taking place. We have found that this really helps make things easy to follow and read. Mods will be fixing titles!

By now you all should know the drill and if you have questions we are available via e-mail, Discord, and Hangouts.

Lastly, if you have a plotline you want to run PLEASE let the MODS know! We have started keeping track of pending and ongoing plots and it has helped a lot in keeping a straight timeline with who is where and when it’s happening and how much we can fit during our stay and prevent the game from stalling. So if it’s not on the list it is less likely it will get run. It’s easier for us to plan ahead then backpedal!

Now just a little follow up on the planet we landed on …

Welcome to Wayaka Island on Pelorum


Wayaka is the second-largest of the Hōhonu Islands at 727.2 square miles. Wayaka is short sport perfect tropical weather and stable balmy temperatures. The water is blue and warm, the beaches white with soft sand oozing the picturesque tropical island look. The wildlife is sparse but the marine life is rich. Being a tourist reliant island it is riddled with Resorts and rife with excursions and there is plenty to do! The Island is well taken care of and while they are welcoming and friendly the health of the island is taken very seriously. Littering is a huge no-no, fishing is restricted, and the removal of flora is frowned upon. Life runs a bit slower as they run on “Island time” giving the resident a more chill vibe.

Suggested Plots

Being a tourist hot spot there is always something going on and there is always something to do. The crew had been through the wringer and Riley is making sure everyone gets a chance for some R&R so feel free to explore. As such this will be a very laid back stopover and if you don’t get a chance to write it will be assumed you are out getting a tan, going snorkeling, and making sandcastles.

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