To Pelorum! (Day 1 Afternoon)

With relative order restored and the ship leaving Greenleaf, Lawrence took this time to set up shop. Talking amongst his “fellow” passengers, he was able to get several into his makeshift office for some sessions.
That had started a nice flow of money and occupied his time. Though listening to sob story after sob story was becoming tedious(as it always did) and he hoped desperately the captain would land soon.
“What should I do?”
Lawrence snapped back into reality as his current customer looked at him with tear filled eyes. An older man, looking to be in his mid 40’s, leaned forward while gripping his knees like they were his only support.
The “psychiatrist” had been so lost in his daydreams that he started to panic at what to say. Looking at his notes, he internally sighed in relief as he saw his answer.
Spineless whiner
Clearing his throat and making an effort to appear as if he had written more, Lawrence took off his “reading” glasses and gave a professional smile.
“Well, from what you have told me, it appears you merely have difficulty asserting yourself. My only recommendation is that you practice confidence in your actions, whether or not they are right. As the saying goes,” make your own path”.”
The man mulled over this nonsense. Typical chatter used to make the customer feel like they had learned something.
As usual, it worked like a charm, the man gleaning some sort of existential wisdom with jubilation. He would not stop shaking Lawrence’s hand as he stood and was walked out the door. After the usual passionate farewells and a reminder for more sessions, the door closed and so closed his last appointment for the day.
Loosening his tie and sitting on his bed, he wearily searched through his nearby chest for something to soothe his migraine, lovingly cradling a small vial that soon was lowered by a few drops to his eyes.
The effects doing wonders for his mood and headache, he laid back in a daze as he heard a voice announcing their landing in Pelorum. He remembered hearing of the idyllic paradise world that catered to fat cats and others of wealth.
After his “prescription” allowed him to walk, Lawrence knew he would have some fun here.

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