The Grease Monkey Gets The Tour Part 2 (Day 1 Afternoon)

“Lieutenant Colonel Drake Valari … long retired. Ain’t got much use for my breed no more.” Drake replied in kind. “Got a lot purple on this ship though I’m not really that surprised. Just suggestion Serena but you could go on and try Mr. Patch instead. Way easier.” He perked when Patch said he was the new engineer. He repressed the urge to shout ‘Finally’ from the top of the ship. “That’s great!” Drake beamed with repressed joy. “You need me to show you around or …”
Patch nodded to Serena. “Got a lotta fruit salad on this boat when everyone gets dolled up in their Dress Purps, kid.” the old man joked. “Retired?” he said almost scoffing at Drake. “You ain’t much older than her.” Kowalski said, jabbing a thumb in Serena’s direction. “What are they takin’ pilots outta Daycare now?” He laughed before catching himself and nervously clearing his throat.

Serena hoped there was a lot of fruit salad on the boat because it would have been much better tasting than protein paste. She also was happy to hear that contrary to popular belief, Drake wasn’t too old for her.

“Ha! Too many pilots, not enough ships. Who would have thought I’d be a museum piece at this age.” He snorted. “But here I am with a fancy title and long hauling it with this pretty girl.” He said referring to the ship. Flying was flying after all.

“You’re pretty too,” Serena replied, as she did NOT believe he was referring to the ship, and couldn’t help but giggle. She had confirmation after all that she was, in fact, cute as a button. “Didja want to see the rest of the ship or your room which the lieutenant calls quarters even though Lyen says that means four of something and there is a lot more than four rooms, and I should know on account of I clean them.”

The old man nodded with an expression that said ‘Well, well, well!’ as it all became clear to him. “Oh ho!” he said to Serena with a playfully teasing tone. “At first, I thought you was with the ‘Crew Chief’...” he made a motion with his hand over the top of his head of a mohawk shape for emphasis, “but it’s, uh, ‘Captain Wow’ over here you’re sweet on, huh?” Patch grinned. They looked cute together, he surmised. “I’d hate to tear ya away from your ‘Dream’.” he teased with a big grin. Young love was sweet.

“Oh, I’m sweet on a lotta things, but I’m with Gil,” Serena said while straightening one of her pigtails. “Only I’m not supposed to talk about sex on account of I use discretion. And Crew Chief doesn’t think of me like that. He used to date a companion, and no one can compare with that, but Drake comes close, if there was male companions, which there may be, I’m not sure, but I can ask Yazmina.”

“C-captian Wow?” Drake until now did not know he had that effect on men. Noted. “And changing topics … you need that tour cuz if not I suddenly need to find something else to do.”

Patch blushed at the young girl’s candor. ‘Kids these days are so...liberated!’ he thought. “Uhh, that’s ok.” he waved a refusing hand to the pilot, realizing he completely misread the room. “I think I’ve made a sufficient ass a myself enough here. I’m sure there’s plenty a ship left for me to embarrass myself on.” He looked sheepishly to Serena to lead on.

“Plenty,” she agreed chipperly. “See you on the beach, Dream… I mean, Drake?”

“Uh-hu well you best hurry I hear Gil’s already beachside.” Drake advised as he wrapped up his work in the engine room.

“I’ll tour faster!” She promised. “C’mon, Mr. Klutzki, I’ll show you which bunk is yours an’ then if you wanna, you can come to the beach, it’s gonna be fun with sand and saltwater and a lotta stuff that starts with an ‘S’.”

Still feeling a bit flush from humiliating himself, Patch smiled a thin smile and gave a small nod as he quickly followed the young girl out.

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