Cheer up, you're at the beach! - (Day 1 Afternoon)

As foot followed foot to the beach, Lyen's outstretched hand shielded her eyes from the shining sun. Up ahead she could hear Gill and Haddie playing, Gill's infectious laughter echoing up the path just around the bend. It was warm, a cool breeze teasing the edge of her robe.

Wearing a wide-brimmed hat she'd borrowed from the passenger lost-and-found, the nun was dressed in her bright orange kasaya robe and sandals, with a blanket rolled under her arm. Her long braided hair swished as she picked along the road to the beach, and the others.

Overhead, a palm erupted in chattering as vividly green parrots embarked one at a time into the blue sky only to pause in mid-air as a whole flock, and return to a neighboring tree. Such beautiful creatures, the nun mused, so seemingly happy to carry out their purpose. A darkness crossed her features as she blinked away the memories, the heavy grief, which had weighed on her before Pelorum. She bit her lip before raising her gaze to the unfurling view of the sandy sound.

There, Gill, Haddie, Mr. Mok, and Bolak, who wore the brightest sleeveless, button-down shirt, amass with brightly colored patterns she'd ever seen, stood seaside. Mr. Mok appeared to be sprawled out on a towel, while Bolak and Haddie busied themselves knee-deep in the sand. Gill stood apart in a smart looking wet suit, a board held high as he stepped into the waves.

Lyen stooped to remove her sandals one at a time before approaching. The heated sand crunched beneath her bare feet, warming her to her soul as she watched the one-eyed girl in her darling pink swim suit. It was all she could to do keep from trotting over in unnunly fashion to the pair preoccupied with scooping and moving the sand. Instead, Ly unfurled her blanket beside Mr. Mok, a gentle smile her greeting to the man.

Raising a hand to her brow, she focused on the form of Gill against the wavy water. He looked so tall, standing there with his board, so much older than he was--yet so small against the enormous ocean which stretched out before him. He'd grown so much, they both had. Ever present in them was that buoyant spirit which was youth; seeking the next great thrill, unphased were they in spite of the wide world which could so easily engulf them.

Still, Lyen felt a clawing pang in the back of her throat while looking at the beautiful young woman before her, crouched in the sand. The last and only sound she'd heard from those lips was heard in the company of Marisol. The Marisol who'd left. The Marisol with whom she was finally ready to dive into the deep.

Now, her eyes saw only the dark blue abyss before them, with no telling what lay beneath the foreboding surface.

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