Life Guard Part 1 (Day 1 Afternoon)

Vas marched into the water marching steadfast through a wave to calmer but deeper water. “ … So the key to floating is to relax, not panic. It’s like being shot …” Vas explained turing to look to Serena when the water reached his waist.

“I didn’t like being shot,” Serena reminded him, “and I don’t much remember it happening, so I think there might have been some sorta panicking going on.”

“Exactly. Never panic.” Vas stressed. “When you get shot most of the time it ain’t the wound that kills you, it’s the shock from panicking. Water is the same way, you panic, you lose air you sink and you drown. Always keep calm, you do that and you can always float.” Vas explained walking to deeper water still. “So this is something even little kids can do, so that means you can do it right?” He reasoned the water now up to his chest.

“Little kids don’t know how to spacewalk,” Serena countered. “I don’t wanna learn little kid stuff on account of I’m not a little kid.”

“Oh … then by all means float like a little kid … ‘cuz if you can float like a kid you can’t swim, it may be little kid stuff but it doesn't make it less important to learn.” Vas said with an arched eyebrow. “But if you insist I can teach you the way I learned …” He offered. “ … definitely not like a little kid.”

“Fine, we can learn like a little kid,” Serena chuffed. First Lyen and the doc with books meant for babies, and now Crew Chief was doing the same. “What do we do first?”

“Real easy … deep slow breath, relax your body, like how you rest in your beat after drills, lean back … and the water does the rest … like so…” Vas leaned back and like magic he started bobbing in the water on his back. “See? Try it!”

The crew chief made it look easy -- too easy in fact. “I usually lie on my side,” she told him, but tried mimicking his actions. “Deep slow breath, relax your body and the water does the rest,” she repeated. But, Serena decided, the water didn’t want to do the rest on account of as soon as she lay back, and took a deep slow breath, her head went under which lead to more dramatic coughing.

Vas patted the girl's back while she coughed out the ocean from her nose. “Good, you didn’t panic, but just in case you don’t remember … you can’t breathe underwater so make sure to hold your breath if you so go under.” He jibbed. “Try again, this time i'll help support you so you get an idea how it’s supposed to feel kay?”

Serena nodded, clearing the last of the awful tasting water from her lungs. “I know I can’t breathe under water, it’s just I went under right as I as breathin’ in. Don’t let me go, okay?”

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