Life Guard Part 2 (Day 1 Afternoon)

“I gotcha I gotcha.” Vas chuckled his hand on the small of her back helping her stay afloat as she leaned back. “See and you notice when you breath in and out you're going to sink and rise a bit.” He explained. “Put your arms a little out, the more of you spread how there more the water can help you float, stiffen your legs a hair, bending your knees like that will tip you in the water, think like … “Vas said, mulling over what to associate with how she should spread herself in the water. “... like making snow angels on NK! Be a bit that!” He suggested.

“Got it!” Serena chirped happily, even though they didn’t make snow angels on New Kasmir on account of Crew Chief didn’t much like the cold. He did like bein’ indoors and arm though. With his help, she managed to float. Water lapped her ears but at least this time she didn’t sink or get a face full of salt water. “You promised!” She reminded him as she relaxed on the bobbing water.

“Did I?” Vas said in a playful tone and chuckled, though his hand was still on the small of her back.

“Yes!” She said. “And you wouldn’t lie on account of you don’t want lied to.”

“Well I supposed I did then.” Vas laughed she could still feel his hand on her back but was reduced to the light touch of just a couple of fingers.

“How many planets have this much water?” Serena asked, opening her eyes as she became more comfortable with the idea of floating and not sinking to the bottom like a stone.

“Life can’t really exist without water. So if it’s terraformed … all of them. I think there is one that's mostly desert but they use a chunk of it as a penal colony. There’s lots of mining and the locals that DO live there don’t trade in money, they trade in water. That's really the only exception I can think of.” Vas said thoughtfully. “You're doing great, you want me to move my hand away more, see if you can float totally on your own?”

“No, on account of I don’t want to drown,” She said, matter of fact. “On account of second to bein’ spaced, that would be one of the worst ways, on account of nothin’ scarier than you can’t breathe. I was just wonderin’. Gil seems to know how to swim. Wasn’t sure if a lot of planets were like this one. I know New Melbourne had a lotta water, only we didn’t get to see much of it.”

“That's cuz we spent most of our time in port towns but lots of planets got oceans, lakes and rivers. On Greenleaf a lot of the water is underground, just cuz you can’t see it don’t mean it ain’t there.” Vas reminded. “I'm right here you ain’t going to drown, side you floating just like a baby sea otter I doubt the single finger holding you up will mark the difference between floating and not floating.”

“All right, fine,” She replied warily. “But I wanna float like a regular sea otter. I’ll try it on my own.”

“Baby sea otters float better and are cuter.” Vas retorted, withdrawing his hand. “See ain't nothin to it, floatin like pigtailed cork. All you needed was a helpful nudge.”
“And it was much less painful than learnin’ how to take a fall,” the teen giggled. “Thanks, Crew chief.”

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