Life Guard Part 3 (Day 1 Afternoon)

“Thank me after lessons tonight, the sand is nice and soft to practice on so I can really toss you around.” Vas said with a mischievous smile. “How about you move your arms a bit and start paddling around some?” He suggested.

“Like a duck?” Serena asked, instantly dreading later, as something told her the sand would not be- as the crew chief said - nice or soft to practice.

“You can try, duck is a bit more advanced I think, you know gliding all smoothly in the water while kicking like hell under.” Vas mused. “Give it shot.”

Serena lifted her head to eye some swimmers, before deciding that swimming like a duck probably wasn’t a good idea. Most of them had their faces in the water and that didn’t much seem like a good idea to the teen either, but a few were on their back, either kicking their feet or paddling their arms or a combination of both. Serena noticed she splashed a WHOLE lot more than they did when she tried.

“You’re a noisy duck …” The punk teased as he shielded his face from the spray of her vigorous kicking. “... you don't have to kick so hard you know. Less is more. Also you’ll move a hell of alot faster not on your back, just saying.”

“I’ll drown a hell of a lot faster with my face in the water,” Serena told him, pragmatically as she stood back up. “Okay, so… don’t kick so hard. Paddle your arms like when you make me do windmills” - she refrained from pointing out how much she disliked windmills, because that might have been interpreted as a complaint - planking in the water was an even faster way to drown. “And put my face in the water -- on purpose, right?”

The way Serena explained made a comical image in his head and he couldn’t help but laugh. “No, no, no … it’s not nearly that simple and you just learned to not sink so don’t go jumping in the deep end yet! It looks like they're windmilling their arms but they're not … it’s a stroke, to cut into the water and help move along …” Vas showed how the arm moved. “... See? Back, over, in and to the side. That's just the arm movement … But small steps kid.“ Vas said floating around Serena. “How about you try keeping your feet off the ground first?”

“Like floating? I can float like a baby otter,” she bragged.

“Yea but this time you have to move around. Think of it like a game! You're an Otter and I'm … a shark! You have to keep moving or the shark, that's me, will eat you … ‘cept I won’t actually eat you that would be weird so maybe I’ll just throw you instead?” He asked with a wolfish grin.

“I already don’t like this game,” Serena decided with a giggle, but took off with a splash to not get thrown.

“Remember to breathe out your nose in the water ...” Vas said loudly before sinking below the water and moved along the sandy sea floor. Serena wasn’t that hard to follow along, even under the water he could hear her splashing around.

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