Warm Company, Cold Treats Part 3 (Day 1 Late Afternoon)

Serena shrugged as she took a long sip of the sugary fizzy soda that tickled her nose. “It’s not strong enough to blow a hole in the hull on account of Fireflies are made of sterner stuff than that.”

Patch winced, sucking his teeth at Serena's notion.

“It might ‘blow a hole’ in you or me… Then I’d have to stitch you back up--” Lyen had forgotten how much Serena liked stitches…

"Plus, ya [I]could[/I]...if ya find the right spot on the ship, kid." the mechanic advised the young girl, then suddenly realized who he just gave very dangerous information to.

"Lyen I hate to be the one to break it to you but we have a small crate of grenades on the ship." Vas explained using his hands to demonstrate the size of the crate. "It ain't exactly a secret or anything. Also guys grenades don't blow holes in people … they kinda just shred apart bodies."

“What kinda shave ice are you gonna get, Sister Doctor Lyen?” Serena asked, offering the crew chief a sip of pop.

The nun was slightly disturbed by the notion that she may be required to administer to someone ‘shred apart,’ as Vas put it, in the near future, but decided to drop it. “I don’t know. I like to see what’s offered before I decide.” The idea of the cold treat on this warm day perked Lyen up. “I like to ask the attendant for their recommendation because who knows the best one better than they do?”

Patch looked at Vas with a cocked eyebrow as the group seemed to just move on from the discussion of ordinance. "I thought this wasn't a military boat, Chief?"

"It's not." Vas confirmed with a sip of the offered soda. "We had some crazy Russian guy not too long ago and left a whole bunch of ordinance and guns." He explained. "Tiger's blood, you should try that … no Serena it's not real Tiger's blood …" Vas said before she could ask. " … or any kind of blood." He tacked on when she opened her mouth.

“That’s who you should ask, “ the teen replied, skipping ahead. “Crew chief knows everything about food! Did I tell you ‘bout the moon cakes?”

Lyen looked pleased that Patch hadn’t let the subject slide. What did they need all those guns and grenades for, anyway? She hadn’t seen anyone aboard the Veil fire a shot that wasn’t in the name of target practice. The Reavers on the Skyplex, that she had only heard about second hand, and she thanked the Verse the group of them had come out unscathed. Still, knowing the financial peril of the ship--and herself--it might serve them all to consider ‘unloading’ the contents of Dim’s bequeathment. Ly made a mental note to bring it up with the Leut--Captain. “Dragon’s blood, banked. No, what are moon cakes?”

"Was everyone on this ship deprived of actual food their entire lives?" Vas said, shaking his head. "I know you're a nun and all Lyen but never have had moon cake? That's like a crime against the 'Verse!"

"I sure wasn't!" Patch joked, patting a hand on his well-earned keg that replaced his six-pack ages ago. "Aw, Sistah. Ya [I]gotta[/I] try moon cakes! They're the best!" The mechanic said wistfully, momentarily lost in thought about the last time he had the tasty confection. He looked to Vas. "I dunno if we're gonna strike lucky for those 'round here, though." he said, looking ever so slightly crestfallen.

“They had ‘em on Greenleaf,” Serena continued, patting the nun’s arm. “And it’s okay Sister Doctor Lyen, I never had one ‘fore then either. And now that we just get protein paste on the ship, it’ll give us a reason to go looking for stuff when we hit planet side. Did I tell you about New Kasmir and how hot chocolate is better than hot cocoa and why?”

“I may have ‘overheard’ that story…” Ly replied to the teen, “Well crime or not, I think it might be criminal not to try at least one flavor of shave ice. Maybe two, while we’re here,” she smiled, pointing up ahead to the vendor which had just come into view.

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