Warm Company, Cold Treats Part 4 (Day 1 Late Afternoon)

“First coffee drinking and now two flavors of shaved ice! Lyen is going off the rails!” Vas jibbed.

“At this rate, she’ll be breakin’ vows in no time!” Patch piled on with a big laugh. “Ya know somethin’, Sistah...yer alright.” the mechanic complimented with an approving nod at the nun’s good nature.

“Not you too,” Ly called to Patch with a wink. She did a quick inventory: did she even have any vows left unbroken by now? Between Marisol and the Alliance, it seemed she hung on to the cloth by only a thread.

“Even if she does,” Serena added, “She’s good at patching things up when they got broke. She helped fix Roose’s knee. He was lame, and now he barely limps at all, only he doesn’t much like it if you point that out to him.”

“Yea well no one likes having those kinda things pointed out you know … like how uneven your pigtails are.” Vas pointed out. “So what flavor you getting?” He said looking down the extensive list.
“Tiger Blood,” she replied matter of fact. The Crew Chief hadn’t let her down yet, even if he didn’t understand asymmetrical pigtails. “On account of you said.”

“Never hearda no Tiger’s Blood ice.” Patch said, curious. “Duzzit got booze in it? If so, I’m in! If not, why not?”

“Does it?” Serena asked. “What’s the drinking age on Pelorum?”

“No and you ain’t near old enough.” Vas answered dryly.

“Besides,” Patch added “it’s a tourist trap. Drinkin’ age is more like guidelines.”

“No. It isn’t.” Vas said, dragging a hand across his face.

Ly leaned in to scan the list, content to let the gaggle behind her confer. “Excuse me,” she said to the smiling brown-haired man with a chiseled jaw behind the counter, “what’s your most popular flavor?”

“Then why’d ya let her have those beers before[/]??” The mechanic pressed, handily pitching the Crew Chief under the bus.

“And now no more sneaking Serena beer, ever … you can thank Patch for that.” Vas said feeling the tread marks on his back from said bus.

“What?” The teen complained, letting her shoulders drop with a sigh. [i]Thanks, Mr. Coldbrewski. At least it was just limited to beer, and beer wasn’t all that great to begin with.

“I said no more sneaking ya beer cuz Patch sold me out.” Vas repeated, placing his and Serena order.

“Ay! Who said sneakin’??” Patch said, sounding offended. “It was right out there in the open! Now if I was sneakin’, I’d leave beers in the crew fridge and if said beers got drunk…” the old man innocently shrugged.

“On the ship?” Serena asked, shaking her head with the uneven pigtails. “Drinking age on the ship is limited to one drink, less the Crew Chief says otherwise. Else I’d get in trouble.”

The man behind the bar answered the nun, “Well, we have a pretty bangin’ lilikoi, but my favorite is taro. But...tourists don’t usually like that one.” The young man’s eye wandered to Serena’s pretty face, then back to Lyen.

“I’ll take both!” Lyen proclaimed.

“Not helping.” Vas said to patch. “See … nun is off the rails today. A little beach and sun does everyone some good.” Vas mused passing Serena her shaved ice before pouring a liberal amount of syrup on his shaved ice.

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