Warm Company, Cold Treats Part 5 (Day 1 Late Afternoon)

The old man moseyed up to the counter and rested a hand on it, leaning in. "So, this Tiger's Blood...you guys do that? And, uh…" he leaned in and lowered his voice, "...could ya throw a shot a hooch in it?" Patch have a knowing nod and wink to the young man behind the counter.

The young man returned Patch’s nod, producing a flask from beneath the counter. “This is Pelorum, after all! You gotta enjoy yourself,” he whispered back.

The old mechanic happily took his treat and left a nice tip on the counter. "Excellent service at this fine establishment." he said with a smile regarding the meager but accommodating shaved ice stand.

“This is amazing!” “ Serena proclaimed, her lips already blood red from the aptly named flavor. “It’s like watermelon an’ coconut at the same time.”

Lyen walked away with two shave ice, one in either hand. In her left she held a brilliant purple mountain and in the right a hot pink one. “Watermelon and coconut, ooo!” she said, taking her first bite of taro. It was tart and her lips puckered, “Oh that’s good, want to try?” the nun held the paper-capped cone up for Serena.

“Sure! You wanna try this?” Serena asked in return.

“Definitely!” The nun leaned in for a bite. “Fēicháng hǎo!(that’s good!)” Ly slurred with a slurry tongue.

“This is good too,” Serena declared, though her eyes were squinted shut. “Only I don’t like it.” She quickly took a soothing bite of the overly sweet Tiger’s Blood. “What’s the other one taste like?”

Vas just watched the pair pleased as punch or more accurately, Tiger's Blood, and he took a bite.

Ly held that one up too for Serena to take the first bite as she nursed the taro. Her lips were dyed red and purple and a brain freeze was most assuredly on its way.

Serena took a bite of the sweet, not as tart lilikoi, debating for a moment. “It’s much better,” she decided. “But I’m still glad I went with the Tiger Blood.”

"They got the pineapple cream stuff if you're feeling adventurous." Vas suggested. "It's one of my favorites."

“I can have a second one?” Serena asked, being secretly jealous of Lyen and her twin shave ices.

"Why ya asking me? You got some coin so if ya want another go right ahead." Vas pointed out. "I'm your Crew Chief not your Dad."

Patch gave a crooked half frown towards Vas. That boy sure misses hints!, he thought to himself. He gave a smile to Serena. “Whaddya wanna get, kid? I got ya.”

“Pineapple cream stuff!” She replied happily. “Only I can pay for it, on account of you just got to the ship and haven’t got paid yet. I can get you another one if you want as a welcome ‘board the Lunar Veil gift.”

Patch gave Serena a big grin, clearly touched by the gesture. “That’s real sweet a ya, kid. Who am I to refuse a lady? Make it two a the same.”

“Only he wants a shot a hooch in his,” Serena said, lowering her voice like Patch had when ordering the Tiger’s Blood, giving the vendor an exaggerated wink.

From behind her, Patch mouthed “In both” to the shaved ice attendant as he held up two fingers.

Serena decided that the crew chief was right about the pineapple cream also, and it even had a little bite to it that made it icy cold, yet warm when it hit her belly.

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