Warm Company, Cold Treats Part 6 (Day 1 Late Afternoon)

As they turned to leave, Patch slipped a tip to the attendant for the trouble and snickered softly like a schoolkid. “So...where to now?”

“Not much, we can head back, grab some to go for dinner. Serena’s got her lesson she’s supposed to do with Lyen and me and her has an evening routine we do.” Vas listed. “But that's about it. All while taking care of the passengers.”

“And if I get ‘em all right, Sister Doctor Lyen is going to put a sticker on the page,” Serena bragged, “only it’s not a sticker, it’s really a stamp on account of Mr. Warren used to collect stamps, and not even stick them on nothing. He got kicked off the ship, only not when we were in space.”

Patch raised his eyebrows. “Well, sure! That would be a long walk home, huh?” he kidded. “Waitin’ till ya land...that’s just common courtesy.”

“It’s never when we're in space.” Vas muttered. “If I caught him he would be freeze dried right now.”

“We haven’t spaced anyone while I been on the ship,” the teen added, enjoying both Shave Ices alternately.

“Yet.” Vas tacked on. “It’s mostly cuz the Lieutenant is so nice. Did you notice Mr. Warren still had all his teeth?”

As an aside to Patch Lyen added, “We had a passenger who was... less than polite. Broke into a stash of liquor which the Captain was transporting and injured two members of the crew.” Her brows knit, lowering her shave ice, “No one’s ever been spaced, right Vas?”

“On the Lunar Veil? Not yet.” He said impishly.

Ly narrowed her eyes at his answer, raising the lilikoi to her lips. She got the feeling he would be just fine breaking that record.

“Illegal ordinance, violence, shady characters,” Patch took mental inventory. “This the kinda boat I signed onto?” he asked, cocking a suspicious eyebrow.

“That ordinance is perfectly above board! Other than that, welcome to a civilian vessel in the black.” Vas said between bites.

“And here I was worried retirement was gunna be boring!” The old mechanic said with a laugh.

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