A Short Retirement (Day 1)

Now this was the life, Roose thought to himself as he stretched himself out in his chair. The sun on my face, the sea at my toes, plenty of drinks and food to keep my company. Why a fella'd get quite use to this kind of treatment coming from New Kash. He smiled, not at anything in particular, but simply the fact that his time here had been going so well.

Feeling a presence darken his shoulder the old man peeked out from the straw hat he had bought for himself at a shop with too many flashy colors for his taste. He hadn't particularly wanted to but it seemed that every other old geezer on this rock had managed to get their head burned and he wasn't about to follow their example. Greeting him from beneath the brim was a younger man (well everyone was younger these days) with the resort uniform on and an annoyed look on his face.

"Excuse me sir, are you aware there is a strict no fishing policy at this resort?" He then motioned to the line extending from the makeshift pole beside the old man. Roose's lack of immediate response seemed to give him a green light to keep piling it up, "I think you'll also find that it's also against policy to remove fish from their natural habitat for what I can only assume by your cooler a culinary endeavor. Sir if I may ask, what ship did you fly in on? I will have to report you and the vessel to our administrators."

Roose again just gave him a blank stare, reading the youngster as best he could before saying in as grizzled a tone he could muster given he hadn't had a drop to drink the last hour, "You saying you don't know who I am?"

The young man crossed his arms, aggravated, "No sir I do not now if you would pleas-" and with a sudden strike to his groin the young man collapsed. Roose tried to throw himself out of the chair but his recliner was too deep in for him to achieve that and he ended up sprawling out onto the sand beside him. Before the youngster could recover he had grabbed his cooler, his hat, and for a moment his fishing line before he threw that down onto the staff as well.

His new knee held up well in the chase as he hustled back to the shop, but he took a good amount of time recovering from his run when he got back into storage. Retirement was nice, but the old hunter decided that he wasn't quite ready to give up his wild streak just yet. And if nothing else he'd have to find a new spot since he was likely never welcome here again.

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