Come out and Play Part 1 (Day 2, Afternoon)

Drake was making it his mission so show Riley the joys of shore leave. Sure, putting the ship and it’s crew first was all fine and good, and sure when in a position of leadership you had to make personal sacrifices. Riley though often went overboard and tended to forget she needed to relax. Particularly now that they are surrounded by beaches, sun and mild balmy weather. The goal was simple. Remind Riley she had all the support in the ‘Verse, be it purple or her crew.

“... and they have a big bonfire, with all kinds of food I can’t pronounce, there's dancing, music and coconut based drinks. It’ll be fun!” Drake explained in his dogged mission for Riley to enjoy herself some. “I have a couple of or’s in the wings if a night of cultural entertainment doesn't tickle you.”

“Your ‘or’s’ generally ’ ended with you being told you have the right to remain silent,” Riley reminded him. “Go on, I’ll be sure and bail you out when the time comes.”

“But it at least makes for interesting stories!” Drake said as if that was a convincing point. “I’m not telling you all the fun and interesting thing I want to do on a tropical island, I'm telling you all the fun and interesting things WE can do on a tropical island. I mean you wana snort illegal substances off the washboard abs of gigolo I am there supporting you. Im that kind of friend.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” Riley said dryly. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate it - but I’m barely holding onto this ship by the skin of my teeth as it is. One more incident, you’ll likely be back to the motor pool, and I’ll be retired much earlier than I’d like… or can afford. You go - snort…. Whatever off washboard abs.I will bail you out. Promise.”

“Exactly, and you need to, once and while to go and relax. Put the proverbial hair down.” Drake said following Riley doggedly. “One half day off is NOT going to spell doom for the ship. All work and no play makes for the acting captain to come down with the space crazy. I promise no one is going to hide all your bathing suits and replace it with the all crochet bikini I saw Yazmina trotting off in.”

“Have you met the people on this ship?” Riley chuckled, quirking an eyebrow. “Fine, one half day. Nothing that will land us in jail. Understood?”

“Mischievous little imps. Mostly harmless. Mostly.” Drake said clearly on the fence with that sentiment. “It only lands us in jail if we are caught. So! Evening of culture, an excursion either involving parachutes or coral reefs. Bikinis optional.”

“Parachutes,” Riley decided. “I’ve seen you in a bikini.”

“And I looked AMAZING. Or so I'm told.” Drake said, clearing his throat. “Adrenaline fueled sky diving it is!” He grinned please. “Someone is in serious danger of a good time. I’ll go make a call … tomorrow okay?”

Riley nodded and waved him off dismissively, hoping by morning he’d have forgotten about skydiving and found himself some nice beach bunnies to curl up with.

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