Bye-Bye Pelorum Part 1

“Hold up,” Riley called just as Vas and Serena boarded the Lunar Veil. The teen was washed out from an early morning, last minute swim, but eating, and even getting in some grappling practice, which, she noted, was just another way to get thrown down on the ground., were both involved. Still, she hung two steps back behind Vas in case they were in any sort of trouble.

“What’s up Lieutenant?” Vas asked brightly. He was definitely a few shades dark from all the sun. Either Way he didn’t make any assumption as to what the Lieutenant wanted, even if he was right she might change her mind just to prove to him to not assume.

“We got a last minute shipment, be here shortly, need you to get it stowed and set before take off. No complaints, everyone had enough downtime to last you to HighGate, clear?” The lieutenant asked. What Riley hoped was clear was that she was in no mood for questions. Major Jody Winchester called at the last minute to advise of a shipment that needed transport, and while they DID have the option to say no, it would ‘behoove’ them to comply.

“Were on it Lieutenant, glad to hear ‘we're taking off soon … crew is getting land crazy and I'm pretty sure Drake is about to sprout wings if we stay too much longer.” Vas said, surveying his cargo bay. “Do we know what we're hauling?” If anything, so he could plan the layout advance.

“Few tanks, flammable, so factor that in. It’s part of our agreement with our friends back on New Melbourne. Let’s not rut it up,” she replied. She wasn’t all that certain what they contained herself, the Alliance didn’t offer the information and she wasn’t about to ask.

“No worries. We got this. No flaming deaths on my watch … We’ll get the straps too, tie them down nice and tight. Better safe than sorry.” The punk promised. “Let change up and her ready …”He said to Serena.

Patch stuck his head out from the doorway leading to the engine room. “Everything’s ship-shape back here, Lieutenant!” the old Mechanic said brightly. “We can take off as soon as you need. Speaking of,” he momentarily hesitated, “about how much time do we got before dust-off, what, with this late shipment and all?”

“A mechanic who does what he’s asked to … it’s a Lunar New Years Miracle.” Vas said under his breath. “We got cargo coming in so as soon as it arrives we'll have a good idea when we’ll be dusting off!”

“Rough estimate?” his eyes moved between the Crew Chief and the Lieutenant, giving the impression he’d be satisfied with an answer from either.

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