Bye-Bye Pelorum Part 2

“We should still be able to break atmo a little after 12, trucks should be here any minute.” She answered. “Valari is in the cockpit making the final prep. I’ll take care of the two or three passengers we have left.”

Patch checked the time. “Good enough!” He sprang through the cargo area towards the gangway. Or at least, as much as a burly middle aged man [i]could[/] spring. When he got to the entrance, he turned back, remembering. “Oh and uh...what’s the crew compliment?” the old mechanic inquired.

“My favorite is you’re as cute as a button, Mr. Cooperski.” Serena answered without missing a beat as she skipped off to change.

Patch stopped dead with his mouth slightly open, his train of thought fully derailed by the young girl.

Vas burst into laughter. “You [i]are[/] kiddo!” He said, wiping laugh tears away. “We got a complement of 10.” He said between giggles. “Priceless.”

The old man looked like he was doing a bit of math in his head. “And about how many days is this Highgate run?” he added to his inquiry.

“14 days, is there something I should know? I kinda feel like you're plotting something.” Vas asked with a tilt of his head.

“Nope!” he replied confidently, but then paused. “I mean, yes...but nope!” The old man grinned and headed down the gangway at speed. “Shouldn’t need more than an hour!” he waved behind him without looking back.

“Sweet Buddha whatever's wrong with Serena is airborne now …” The Crew Chief said shaking his head. “ … we’re doomed. Good Luck Lieutenant.”

“You’re doomed,” The lieutenant reminded him with a shake of her head. “That all falls under the category of crew shit. Get yourself readied up, trucks will be here any minute.”

“Yea but …” And he thought better of it. “... I’m on it Lieutenant. You should get vaccinated … just in case.” He teased before running off himself.

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