The First Supper Part 2 (Day 1)

Patch chuckled. “Yeah, that was fun tryin’ ta see what shades a red I could make him!” he admitted. “An’ I ain’t one to part with credits needlessly. So yeah, in my line a work, ya kinda gotta get good at hagglin’.” The mechanic thought about what Serena mentioned. “Think they ever get a hold of any of the bigger ships to part out?”

“Usually,” Serena said, matter of fact, as she helped herself to another scoop of rice. “On account of people always wanna trade. Like the Lieutenant can say ‘you go on and keep that shuttle and my people in exchange for the storage fee.’ “ The teen used her best RIley impersonation. “And sometimes they don’t need extra people, but they can sell off the ship or part ‘em out. That’s usually how it works.”

“It’s like a big scavenger hunt … but … not exciting.” Vas said, refilling his cup.

Patch’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Are you kiddin’?? Until you’ve dug through a parts bin an’ find a Thunderbird-class Aft alternator that the clown sellin’ it thinks ain’t nothin’ but just haven’t lived till you landed that kinda deal, kid!”

“Yea like I said … not exciting.” Vas said straight-faced.

“Know what is exciting?” Serena prompted. “The fact that I got every single one of my spelling words right this week, which means we got great memories of the beach, we got Patch, which is greater, Riley got us food, real food, an’ I get my stamp, like Lyen promised, right Sister Doctor Lyen?” She didn’t wait for the nun to respond to finish. “I think I’m gonna use my neatest handwriting and good spelling and give the lieutenant a thank you note.”

“Don’t leave it in the cockpit. Better yet … get Drake to give it to her. She’s soft on him.” Vas said helping with the strategy.

“Ya know, kid,” Patch conceded to the young girl, “that is excitin’.” The old mechanic smiled and toasted her achievement with his cup, taking no small satisfaction in choosing not to correct them on the origins of their newfound feast.

“Drake said I could go in the cockpit anytime he’s flyin’ on account of I make for good company.” Serena sulked, but she did like the idea of giving the note to the pilot, because that would give her a reason to go see the pilot. She couldn’t help but smile. “I’m gonna go write it right after dishes and I make Ms. Meadow her tea and training. Sister Doctor Lyen, you get the stamp, okay? Don’t put it on my test without me!”

“Perish the thought.” Vas teased. “Just don’t let yourself be caught by Riley sniffin ‘round. Drake’s say so or not she’ll still skin ya in spite of gettin’ us all this food.”
“I won’t, I won’t.” Serena promised, knowing full well Riley would likely skin the Crew Chief, because it sounded like that would fall under ‘crew shit.’ She was starting to think this was a lot of trouble to go through for a note, which she banked under the philosophy that no good came from learning letters. Except, of course, for the stamp! “You know…. Sooner everyone is done, sooner I can get through the dishes,” she prompted.

Patch, being the latecomer, realized he was one of the few that hadn’t yet finished eating. He hurriedly shoveled forkfuls into his mouth to clear his plate. “Fowwy.” he said sheepishly, muffled through a mouthful of food.

“Good food ain’t nothing to be sorry ‘bout.” Vas assured the new guy.

“It’s not,” Serena agreed, watching expectantly for him to finish. His plate and fork were in her hands before he finished chewing. “I hope breakfast is this good!” She called over her shoulder. “Then I have to write another note. I hope someone didn’t pick up a shipment of paper! I’m gonna need it for all the notes I write!”

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