Time for ...... Dinner?

With a rather lackluster visit to Pelorum behind him, Lawrence was glad to be heading back into the Verse. Not only that, but he had heard talk amongst the others of decent food being onboard at last, not the beggar's meals he had been subjected to. He chose to keep his expectations low though.
One man's feast was another's famine.
Gazing into the mirror next to his bed, he scoffed at an unruly patch of hair on the back of his head. Procuring a small tin, a clear paste made short work of such rebellion.
He debated doing more to clean up, to show these passengers some class. He instead chuckled smugly and left the room. They wished they could have as much class as him.
Working his way through the labyrinth that was this ship, he grumbled and cursed the engineer that thought this was worthy to carry passengers. He considered finding a crew member to help him again, but quickly stowed that idea away since it could mean meeting the child.
How anyone so mind-numbing could find work was beyond him.
Just these few thoughts of her made his skin crawl, like a phantom had dragged its claws on a spectral chalk board in his mind.
Luckily, he realized he was close to the galley and quickened his steps. With his mind space ruined, even the usual gruel would do him good.
Entering the room, he was surprised to see the lieutenant among the other passengers. He noticed another man that seemed to stick with the crew and decided to avoid him for the evening.
Instead he approached Thorne with a light smile.
"Good evening Lt. Thorne. I am surprised to see you with us common folk."

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