Gaslight (Part 3)

JP with Yule, Winters and Blitzen

The mechanic leapt at the opportunity. Or, at least, he would have if his gorram leg hadn’t fallen asleep on the short trip. With all of the grace of a newborn deer, the big man fumbled and stumbled his way out of the small shuttle. Once outside, he regained his footing from the awkward display and said confidently, “There! Piece a cake!”

Serena giggled and easily shimmied out of the craft, quickly scanning the area for vending machines. “Hello?” She called loudly - wanting to hear the echo.

Vas took a little longer than expected, being extra careful and all. He let out a breath when he finally extracted himself from the shuttle. “Okay so we gotta …” Vas paused looking around. “ … where is everyone?” Vas conjured a few things. Everyone was dead and there was a roving alien ready to pounce on them, that may or may not have been the plot of a book he just finished reading. Or … they were all hiding. Reasons. “I’d say spread out and look around but that's usually the person the Alien eats first.”

Patch looked over at Serena and then back to Vas. “Send the veal first”, he said, motioning his head in the girl's direction, “I’m just fat and gristle.”

“I’ll go!” Serena offered. “On account of I’m not scared and I can run faster than Mister Karmaski.”

“Just remember the alien groin ain’t always twix it’s legs … just hit the lumpiest part of it and if you so happened to die horribly by being chewed to death … die loudly to warn the rest of us.” Vas winked, chuckling. “I want crisps and a soda … one of the fruit flavored one … not the brown prune tasting crap.” Vas said diggin in a pocket for credits. “Just in case you find a vending machine before the Alien finds you.”

“You got it, Crew Chief!” The teen said, taking his credits. “You want the good soda. And I think you gotta use the cortex over there to check in, on account of that’s how we used to do it on my old ship. Watch out, they scan your eyeball.”

“Wait! Didn’t you just say not to split up?” Patch pointed out. “Ya send her an’ now she’s the one the alien eats! Hang on, kid, I’m comin’ with. ‘Sides, I gotta see what’s what with scoring potential parts on this rig.” The mechanic followed along behind the teen.

“Oh protect the girl the Alien will probably take as a pet but not the Crew Chief. I see how it is. If I get chewed by IT … it’s your fault. I blame you Patch.” Vas joked, poking the core. “Is there a kill setting …”

“Well, since the alien thing was all your idea anyways,” Patch noted, “I’m sure you’ll figure somethin’ out!” With that, he gave a confident thumbs up to the Crew Chief.

“Inspiring. Great talk.” Vas laughed.

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