Gaslight (Part 5)

Just like Mr. Korrectski said, there were in fact vending machines, two of them, one which gave out fruity, sugary drinks, and also for whatever reason sold plain old dumb tasteless water, and the other filled with crisps, chips, candy and even -- the teens eye’s lit up - processed two in the package iced cakes! “What are you gonna get?” She asked, bouncing on her toes.

“Well,” Patch considered his options carefully, “the Crew Chief wanted some crisps an’ a lemon drink. So we can grab those. For me? Hmmm.” The old mechanic looked over the prepackaged choices with the utmost seriousness. “I’m thinkin’...” his finger hovered over the glass until he found his target, “...the cakes!” He said confidently. “And the rope chews” he quickly amended his choice.

Serena’s gaze followed the two cupcakes as the machine whirled and dropped them to the bottom. She scrunched up her face for a moment in thought. “You know, there’s two cakes in that package…” She offered. “So if I get something, else, me and you could split it up and each have a cake AND a candy. And crew chief wants a sour candy, but a fruity drink, not a lemon drink, on account of he likes the purple or the red usually. And the red bag of crisps. Do you wanna share something, Mister Kindheartski?”

“With you, kid? Of course!” Patch said with a smile. “But…” he pointed, “...what if…”, he dropped another credit into the machine and pressed the button for another package of cakes. “Oops!” the mechanic chuckled. “Well, now we’re stuck with extra! Oh well.” he playfully lamented and put in for his rope candy as well. He looked over the drinks machine and selected a nice brown fizzy one.

“Crew chief doesn’t like brown soda,” she prattled, selecting a sour candy and crisps for Vas. “I haven’t found one yet that I didn’t like.” After careful deliberation, she selected a candy filled with coconut, and drops that would taste like lychee. “I like the drops on account of you can enjoy ‘em for a long, long, long time.” She told him. “The lieutenant said they’re disgusting, on account of your constantly swallowing flavored spit, but that’s only on account of she doesn’t enjoy nothing. “Wanna half a coconut cream?”

“Only if you help me eat all a these cakes I’m now stuck with.” Patch jokingly counter-offered.

“Oh, I’d be happy to do that!” She told him, ushering him to one of the small tables. “Crew Chief won’t mind if we take a couple of minutes to eat on account of then he can take a break. But we should save something for the ride back too, I’ll share my lychee drops.”

“How can I pass up havin’ flavored spit??” the old mechanic laughed heartily. He admittedly felt a little guilty leaving Vas to all the work while they enjoyed a snack. “Ok, but let’s be quick.” He joined Serena at the small table. “I still gotta make a good impression bein’ the new guy an’ all, ya know? I don’t wanna look like I’m some sorta slacker.” Patch laid out their vending machine haul on the table so they could choose what to have first. “Hmmm...I’m bettin’ ya wanna start with one a the cakes, yeah?”

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